Friday, July 13, 2012

Road Trip Day 4: Canmore/Banff & Meeting Alison!

Went to Canmore and Banff today! Had an awesome day! I will forwarn you - picture overload!!

I could totally pack up and move to Canmore! I loved it! Real estate prices weren't bad either!

We saw elk in Banff! Just stunning! I love observing wildlife and having a chance to photograph them is just right up my alley!

Mike spilt the dog water when stopping at a pull off - the girls were not impressed! They think Daddy is a crazy driver!

We are pretty sure Gracie is homesick! She is just not herself! But Lily is making up for the lack of her enthusiasm! She is spun!

Sooo apparently when you get a flat tire on the highway, around a bend, you empty your vehicle on the road to ensure you don't get hit! Its true! It happened! Not by us obviously, but someone placed a cooler, helmets and other objects to create a traffic break so he had room to change his tire. It just led up to a lot of chaos and almost accidents, as well as a car in the ditch!

We cannot believe all the housing in Calgary! All built within I would say 10 to 20 years! The architecture is great! But Canmore still has my heart!

Mike is demanding a car wash! He cannot stand a dirty truck and I will admit it is very dirty! After our off road excursion in Montana! I don't see they clay coming off easily!

Car washes are not as common here! At home they are pretty much on every corner! We found one but we had to wash it ourselves. Alison called it a wand wash? Lol

Back to the hotel we went to get ready to head to Justin and Alison's!  I attempted a trial run for my hair for our photo shoot on Friday - it flopped! Lol!
As we headed over to Alison's we got a crazy storm just out of the blue! Hail and all! It came down fast and hard, flooding the roads. But just as we pulled into their drive way the sun was beaming and a double rainbow appeared! I promised her sunshine and warm weather! Both of which she should have for a while now!

Alison made a great pasta dish, salad and bread! We broke into a bottle of skinny girl cosmos which I had never had! Needless to say I will need to find it at home!

Typical Cruz decided to show Gracie and Lily where the fun was at in Calgary! They went mudding in the back yard! They had a blast! But the mud - it was everywhere! So after dinner we had to preform operation dog wash x3. The girls wanted no part in this! But after we brought them in they were all pooched!

Gracie broke out of her homesickness and made herself right at home! We are pretty sure she didn't want to leave!

We had a great visit! I'm sooo glad we were finally able to meet! She is honestly soo sweet! Im lucky to have such a great friend! Justin and Mike had a lot in common as well including their hate for pinterest, video gaming and they both thought it was weird to meet "a stranger". Alison and I reassured them we were not strangers and that we knew each other very well! I wasn't even nervous to meet her! Usually Im nervous to meet new people, but in my eyes Alison wasn't new! We have been close  friends for a couple of years, just so happens we are thousands of miles apart! We discussed "road tripping to Dominican, but I was sure to leave her with some incentive to come to Ontario with Stratford's Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies! They are to die for!

All in all our time together was tooo short, but it wont be the last of it! Miss you guys already!!

Today was filled with sooo much fun! Awesome part of our trip!


Kae said...

Yay for meeting Alison :)
Sounds like such a good trip..

Nathan said...

That trip sounds like a lot of fun!

Leigh said...

So glad that you were able to meet Alison! She sure is fabulous! :)

J and A said...

This looks so fun!! ;) it sure was!! Wish it was longer!!! :( miss you!!


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