Friday, July 20, 2012

A Special Letter


Today I am writing a special letter, to just one person instead of several today! Today I am writing to my husband!!

Dear Mike:
Tomorrow we celebrate 5 years of marriage!  5 whole years - where did the time go? How perfectly does it fall? A hot Saturday in July 5 years ago and now tomorrow!! To be honest, I would be willing to put my dress back on, dress you up in a tux with a pink vest, invite all our friends and family all back to the farm and do it all over again tomorrow!! There is just one thing missing and he can not be replaced - your Grandfather! I miss him. He will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but I know he is smiling down on us and would marry us again, but from heaven!

In 5 years we have been through soo much! We lived in a tiny little house and started our family there with 1 cat and 2 dogs, from there our family blossomed! Many people define family by the amount of children you have. We became a family as soon as we said I do, whether it be just you and I and all our crazy animals, it is perfect! Our kind of perfect! 

We sold our first house, leaving many memories behind, but we have moved into our HOME. We have poured love, sweat and tears into this house and we are both so proud of all that we have accomplished! I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. 

We've been through soo much in the last couple of years and I am lucky enough to have you by my side! Our strength together can conquer more than I know. You have taught me soo much! You have given me the strength to stand when I have fallen. You have wiped my tears and put a smile on my face. You have found a positive in my negatives. You have held my hand and walked a journey with me, picking me up as I stumble, teaching me to dance in the rain. You have shown me that I can do things I never imagined. In sickness and in health, you have been by my side and have never failed me. You have made me smile when I cannot find a calm in the storm. You have shown me what strength is. You have taught me to look fear in the face and conquer it. There have been soo many opportunities where we could have just given up and we haven't, we push through, we find laughter in our sorrows, and we find strength in one another! We have fun despite the storms that pass our way.

I could not have found anyone better to have by my side! I will forever cherish our nightly argument of who loves who more and why. (P.s - I win!) My forehead lives for your kiss goodnight and good morning!

I "promise promise" to love you forever. I hope that I am able to give back to you what you have given to me! I hope that you feel as much love as I do. There are not words strong enough to explain my feelings. Without you, I would lost.

It has been a crazy 5 years, but I am ready and willing to take on another 80!

I love you,

Here is a video I have made to celebrate the past 5 years! The songs lyrics match my hearts.


J and A said...

ahhhhh tear... that is so sweet. Have a GREAT day you two! I think this will be your BEST year yet. :)

Hannah said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby :) Cheers to many more! xoxo

McJoy said...

Happy Anniversary! Your letter and video is so sweet!!


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