Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ABC's of Lily

Lily here checking in. Mom is too busy with her camera, so I have taken over the blog today! I saw this on my pal Cruz's blog. Thought I should let you guys get to know me a bit better too!!

A is for Age: I am 4!!

B is for Breakfast: I get a spoonful of Pedigree Wet Dog food - Dad is usually in charge of this because the smell makes mom gag. Ever since I got sick I have got this routine, known in my luck they are probably hiding pills in it. But I won't complain, better then getting them shoved down my throat! I say pills in plueral because I take a Thyroid Pill, Vitamin E (to help my liver), D-Penacillamine (I am almost done with this!!) and Hepato Support. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't that bad!

C is for Currently Craving: I love a good liver treat!! I am not allowed as many as I used to get, but that just makes them all that more enjoyable!

D is for Dinner: I eat Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice!

E is for Favorite Type of Exercise: I love swimming!!! But walks are fun too!

F is for Irrational Fear: I don't like being caught off guard.

G is for Gross Food: I have turned down Dad's pancakes. even Mom agrees they need work! I'm also not a fan of green things.

H is for Hometown: I was born in Vanessa!

I is for something Important: I love my sister, oh and Mom and Dad. I also love chasing our cats!

J is for current Jam: I am not sure what this means, maybe music? I love it when Mom sings and dances around the house with us! I am pretty sure I have got moves like McJagger's dog!

K is for Kids: Love them!!! I won't be having any of my own, which Mom and Dad tell me how much they regret. Clearly the world should have had mini me's!

L is for Current Location: In the truck, on the road!! Montana?

M is for Money Well Spent Recently: Mom let us go shopping for someone!! We had a blast picking out our favorite things, she even let us keep one for ourselves!! My eyes work everytime!!

N is for Something I Need: Hmmm... this is a tough one. Maybe another liver treat?

O is for Occupation: I am the big sister! I need to try to keep Gracie and those cats in line and let me tell you, it is no easy task!

P is for Pet Peeve: When Grace tries to get all up in my business. Or when Jazz blocks a door way and threatens me with her claws! I also don't like it when Grandma leaves us at home!

Q if for Favorite Quotes:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Just like Mom, I could go on and on!!

R is for Random Fact About You: Hmmm... everyone is always saying how sad I look because I have mad talent of drooping my eyes! It works like a charm! A lot of people think I am older too because I am soo well behaved and laid back! Little do they know I had just finished going crazy!

S is for Favorite Healthy Snack: I love watermelon!!! Yum!! Grace just pretends to, so I get to eat hers too!

T is for Favorite Treat: I love liver treats, denta sticks and milk bones! An odd bone is alright sometimes, but not those plane old rawhides - I ate to many as a puppy!

U is for Something That Makes You Unique: My color! Everyone loves my red hair!! Also, my two bottom teeth are crooked!

V is for Favorite Vegetable: I like the odd carrot, but I prefer fruit!

W is for Today's Work-Out: I am not sure what Mom and Dad have planned. All I know is we get to see and sniff a bunch of new places on our trip!

X is for X-Ray's: Unfortunately I have had a few of these, as well as an ultrasounds and liver biospy! But I am all good now!!

Y is for Yesterday's Highlight: I stayed in my first hotel!!!

Z is for Time Zone: We are part of the Eastern Time Zone!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me better!! See ya soon Cruz!!



J and A said...

This is awesome!! Cruz is so excited! I am glad you guys are on your way! Tomorrow!!! :) Cruz is going to have to try liver treats!! Travel safe! Text me later where you are at!

Hilary Lane said...

This was cute! :-)


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