Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Road Trip Day 6

Day 6, July 7/2012:

Gracie and Lily got us up at 5 am, but luckily settled back in until 7 after their pee! This part of the time change sucks because they are pretty routine girls!

Breakfast was had and then the boys went crop touring and into town to get fence posts, while us girls went and got water for the cistern! Just another thing we have soo differently at home. With the cistern water, that would be water for showering/cleaning, etc. It is not drinkable. They have a well on the farm, but it is not good water. We have to drive about 15 to 20 minutes to get water.

Brent and Jenna have 4 pigs. Lily saw her first pig! What a riot! She did not know what to think of them! Gracie wasn't phased at all!

When we all got back we went fencing- we brought the dogs along too! Luckily I popped an allergy pill before going because we were in a hay field and black flies were buzzing around!

The other big thing around here are ticks! I had always thought that only animals had to watch out for them but both of the guys ended up with ticks on them, but Jenna and I were good.

We got the fence up and repaired another one so the cattle can be moved in tomorrow!

On our way back to the farm we saw Pelicans! Another thing I was surprised to see here!

We made burgers for lunch and the guys finally came home, turned out they got the tractor stuck in the swamp!

So after lunch Mike went hay bailing and us girls and Brent went to pull the tractor out!

Two songs came to mind to describe my day! "The Truck Got Stuck" and "Ticks".

Once the tractor was out, Jenna and I came back and lounged in the sun for a bit!

The guys went to town to get some bullets and once they got back we went gofer hunting! I've never seen soo many gofers! Jenna and I sat in chairs in the back of the truck with drinks in hand as the guys had their beer and guns in hand! Im pretty sure some of the gofers were left laughing because a lot of them were just missed!

We had pulled pork for dinner and then Brent went bailing and Mike went touring on the quad!

When Mike got back we started grooming all the dogs. Brent and Jenna just got a new dog that was a drop off! She is a border collie cross and seems well natured!

We were all tired and went to bed early!

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