Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trip Day 5!

Today we were up at 7 and got everything packed up! We can't seem to sleep past 7 because it is like 9 am, even though we are hoing to bed later!

My hair worked!!

Today we had a photo shoot with the very talented Whitney Cowan at Edworthy Park! Alison had arranged for this and we are very grateful! Not only did we get to meet another awesome Calgarian, but we had a blast! Whit was sooo much fun!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! My walls are awaiting them!! You can check out her blog with our session HERE!!

We saw a sneak peek and love it! She totally captured US!  Only downfall was the amount of mosquito bites I got, but in all honesty Whitney had it worse as she stepped in a crazy amount of mud, ended up with not one but 3 creepy crawlers on her! She took it like a champ! I wish I had my camera too!!

Gracie was actually having fun too! She is sooo weird on this trip! Not a traveller! Yet she isn't one to stay home either!

I was very impressed with how active the community is! Tonnes of trails, which we do not have at home! We have a few trails but after you do them a couple times they are boring!

Its getting warmer as we leave Alberta. We are up to 28.

We saw bison today and in all honesty, just as we were warned, the drive to my cousin's is pretty boring! Although we thought it would be flatter!

We also drove by the salt flats in Chaplin! Looked like snow!

We had our first argument on the trip today too, although it was not directed at each other but more out of frustration trying to find somewhere to eat! We don't really like Swift Current! Poorly laid out, lousy service and to top it all off I spilt my ice cream in the parking lot before getting in the car! I was already working on a short fuse out of hunger and driving frustrations! M managed to cheer me up though!

We caught up to a crazy storm as we approached Moose Jaw!

We are hoping Wanda (the GPS) can get us there as my cousin doesn't have an address, but she gave us GPS co-ordinates! Yup! They live on a farm outside of Regina? I think! Luckily Wanda accepted that, but she doesn't seem to know any street names! She instructs us to turn left on unnamed street and turn left off of unnamed, unpaved street? So in my opinion she is just taking us on another adventure!

It is flatter now! As we got off the hiway and drove through a village called Pense - we were waved at by several people! Such a friendly place!

Went through a neat old town called Lumsdun!

Well Wanda was right and got us there and no name streets do exist! We felt like we were in the middle of no where, and lost cell service somewhere!

Overall it is not as flat! Maybe Manitoba?

We made it!! Thank you Wanda!

We stayed up and visited for a bit, and then got settled into bed.

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J and A said...

I love all these photos!! They are so perfect. That one of the pups is seriuosly amazing!!


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