Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday!!

Today I am linking up with Lauren!!

 I am loving that I am finally working on my photo wall!! I have figured out all the sizes that I will need, which frames will be my focal points, etc. I brought down my frame collection and put them on the dining room table! I hope to have M hang them this weekend! Then I will fill them!!

We have finally got some rain!! I also hear that there is more coming today and possibly tomorrow! I am still under the impression of I will believe it when I see it!

I love my new twitter background! Be sure to pop by! You can find me here!! You can also find me on facebook!!
I am loving the snuggles Jazzy has been giving me lately, especially during the bad storm the other night!!

I am wearing a maxi dress to work today and the necklace Alison gave me!! Love it!!

I have scheduled another photo shoot for Saturday!! Hopefully the weather holds up!!

I hope everyone has a fabtastic weekend!! I know I am planning on it!


J and A said...

Cute maxi and I am glad you like the necklace!! :) Happy weekend.

Kae said...

Yay for rain!
Have a great weekend :)


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