Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Wednesday And I Love It!!

I just cannot help but to do a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" even though I know I need to finish my road trip recap!! It will happen - just not today! Okay? Okay!

Soo here we go...

- I am loving our pool!! It is pretty awesome I must say!! Even M thinks so!

- I am loving this bedding set at Target!! I blame it on Ruthie, after showing her home tour on the blog, she showed the cutest yellow bedding set, so I had to go look for myself (online because we are not cool enough to have one in Canada yet..) and I found one I like even more!! I know I need another bedding set like I need a kick in the butt... but I would take a kick in the butt for this!

How cute is it?! I am IN LOVE!! You can find it here!

- I love that I was finally able to open the windows last night and take the dogs for a nice long walk! The heat wave has broke a bit, or at least the humidity wave has, it is still hot!

- I love that I just ordered my Road-Trip Photobook from Shutterfly!! Can't wait to get it in the mail!!

- I am still reading 50 Shades of Grey - nothing has happened yet. Just got to Chapter 6, but I hear things will be taking a wild turn soon!

- I hope my sister feels better tomorrow so we can hang out!

- My heart must be pretty big, I am pretty tall:
Pinned Image

- How cute is this idea? Doesn't even look like a pallet!
Pinned Image

- Love this sink!
Pinned Image

- So true:
Pinned Image

I will finish off with some quotes that I am loving this week:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Leigh said...

Haha just give 50 Shades a few more pages and the action will start and won't stop! :)

Jenn said...

I love the idea of using the pallet as an area to hang things/decoration.
50 Shades will soon pick up....don't you worry! ;)

Arielle said...

love this post! and the quote about a dog being a girls best friend! ;)

J and A said...

Cute bed spread. Love Target. Oh you just give 50 shades time!! Ha ha
Great pins. :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

50 shades gets good soon! Love the bedding and gray and yellow together! Great quotes and I def want that sink!

Nikki said...

That bedding set it pretty!


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