Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lovely Little Wednesday!

It is Wednesday and I am typically loving that fact alone!! Why?

Well where do I start?

The photo book I thought was due last night is actually due tonight, which allowed me to get half of done last night and the other half tonight! I guess I can be pretty good at compromising and procrastinating!

Zumba kicked my ass last night... it was a good kicking and secretly I liked it! haha!

My crocheting is coming together!! I had a bit of time yesterday once I found out I had until to today to complete my photo book! Progress in only 45 minutes time:

Then there is this little guy, who loves to tease me... he is clearly hard at work, folding towels right!? Nope, just teasing me!! Little stinker!!

Then there are these two... they really didn't care for the sweet potato treats!! They came out quicker than they went in and it was a shared consensus!! They were not very impressed to say the least!

Let's talk TV!!

Parenthood: You really pick topics that hit home, seeing Kristina have to go through this is painstakingly hard, just seeing the strength she emits to get through this inspires me in my everyday life! I just love this show soo much!! Even though I cannot relate to breast cancer, it is nice to see her lean on Adam and explain her needs during this journey of her life.

Private Practice: Oh my goodness!! I love this show! I had to try to remember how they left off last year and then I remember Pete dying... and I was shocked with Addison's choice, I really thought she would have picked Sam! And then Charlotte being prego with triplets... craziness!! Hurry up next Tuesday!!

My PVR is jam packed with shows!! And to think soo many of my regular shows haven't even started yet!! I am looking forward to Grey's tomorrow night!!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!


Caroline said...

Knox loves to sit in the warm clothes. So funny!

Meg said...

I love that you watch "Private Practice!!" I love Addison, she was one of my favorites on Grey's Anatomy. I'm still a huge Grey's fan, but I'll pop on over to Private Practice every once in awhile to get my Addison fix ;)


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