Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Weekend Of Ball/News On Lily

As sad as I am to say that M's Mens Ball league is done, I am actually kind of looking forward to having our Friday nights back! Although a lot of our friends did play on the team, it will be nice to be able to hang out with those who weren't on Fridays again!!

So Friday and Saturday were completely baseball and the boys did soo well!! They won 4 games, and then the last one was just dramatic with their competitors, but we won't go there.

We were supposed to make it down to the lake on Saturday for seafood night - I was having steak... because we all know if I was having Seafood I would be partying at the hospital. However, we didn't end up making it. The weekend weather was not very nice and the timing with ball did not work in our favor.

But over all it was a great weekend. Sunday was spent doing housework and emptying the pool. We had a roast beef dinner and took the dogs for a walk and then went into town and got some groceries. I also watched the new show called "Breaking Amish" - I had no idea how strict those people are. 

This morning I awoke to Lily suffering another seizure! It seriously just breaks my heart seeing her go through this and knowing I cannot make it better for her. This one was less severe compared to her first, not as long and recovery was much quicker. Once again I just held her still and talked to her trying to reassure her and calm her. Gracie had her head on my shoulder, the cats all up on the bed watching, knowing that something is wrong. Once Lily felt better, she came over to me and just gave me that reassuring gesture that she was okay and gave me some extra sweet snuggles. Every day I have with her, I just know how lucky I am, I wake up soo grateful for her to be in my life.

I called the vet and he reassured me that it has been months since her last and that she has been through soo much and to try not to worry too much about it, but if it becomes a common recurrence then we would worry.

Then this morning S stopped in with W! I can't get over how big he is getting!!! Such a sweet little man! It was nice to catch up because we were overdue!

Tonight is season finale of Bachelor Pad!!

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J and A said...

Poor lily. Cruz and I are sending hugs and kisses.


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