Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Pinterest... Fall Edition

I have decided to link up with Michelle today to show all things FALL that I am loving!! The leaves are starting to fall, without much brilliant color unfortunately, but it is all just a sign that it is coming! After smelling all of Scentsy's fall smells I am actually craving fall even more!

Let's start off with the food portion, because I am hungry!!

Since Apple season has arrived:
Pinned Image
Snickers Apple Salad!

Pinned Image
Baked Apples!

And now for some clothing:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Just on the weekend down at the lake, the evenings are getting cooler and I was soo happy to throw on my sweatshirt and pants! I love fall at the lake!

It is time to start up some sewing projects, get some organization happening in the office! I am not sure what it is about a new season that motivates me!

Ball is coming to an end for booth M's team and our co-ed team. Tonight with our co-ed team we start play off's and we are competing in the A division which is a big accomplishment for our team! M's team has a game tonight as well, which would be their final league game (it's a make up game inconveniently scheduled the same night as our co-ed so M is missing the men's game (they had no other times to get the game in) - we are both bummed out to have to miss it). Either way it is all coming to an end with M's team playing in their year-end tournament this weekend! Both teams have done well this season!

Happy Wednesday Friends!


Stesha said...

ahhh those fall outfits look amazing! I need some in my life!

Classic & Bubbly

Leigh said...

There is way too much fall talk in the blogsphere and I don't like it! I know fall is coming, but it's not here yet and I'm not ready to let go of summer! Cute outfits though :)

J and A said...

I want alllll the outfits. k thanks.

J and A said...

And I want more summer. No fall! Not yet!!

Leah said...

love each one of your pins!

Sarah Grace said...

loved everything in this post!

happy wednesday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Holly said...

Great pins! Love all the outfits.

And I just made a Snickers dip that I cannot stop eating. So going to have to try the Snickers apple salad now!

Kae said...

ohhh weakness

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

putting snickers and apples together is genius! ok, so putting snickers with anything is genuis.

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Youve pinned some great things!!! AAAHHHH i cant wait until fall gets here!!


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