Monday, September 17, 2012

The Weekend That Came And Went

I can't believe it is Monday again already! And that it is the middle of September!! Craziness!!

Our weekend was just perfect!! Friday night we went into town did our groceries, grabbed DQ before having our dinner... M kept repeating how awesome it was to be adults after this one! We picked up dinner and headed home.

Friday we also celebrated Lily being off her her huge expensive meds!!! Now she will just take her thyroid,

Saturday we did house work, discussed the bench that was supposed to be built and I think we need to rethink the size! I think my initial length of it is too long. Especially since we ended up rearranging the great room furniture and with the room the way it is now, it just would not work. If I make the bench shorter, I might just have enough fabric left to make a new dog bed!!

Lux was folding towels... or pressing them... but I really think I caught him snoozing on the job!
I also find it somewhat humorous that when ever it comes to changing any room around, M always gets a medical call! I mean it clearly sucks for the person in need, but he always seems to run out the door when I say room change!

We basically just flipped the layout of the great room and I do like it, but I like it either way! Don't tell M but I think we might have to flip it back for Christmas to accommodate our tree! But we will see!!

Sunday we headed to the lake!! The water was chilly, M and the dogs went in, but I will be honest, I didn't even suit up!! I decided to stay in my dress!! Here are some pics from our day:

On our way out on the water!

I happened to be on the wrong side of the boat on the way home... it was just a wee bit wet!!  It was pretty choppy water!! No rain, just pure sunshine, but windy!

Home sweet home! M clearly had been wearing a hat all day! lol!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


J and A said...

Looks like a great weekend. DQ yum!! Yay for lily that is so awesome. Such cute pics of you 2!!

Sara said...

What a fun weekend! Boating and DQ. So jealous.

Liane said...

Your kitty looks identical to mine! When I first saw the photo I honestly thought it was Sparky! lol x


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