Friday, September 14, 2012

It Happened...

I am proud to say - the office is clean and organized! It only took me an hour too! Granted I worked my butt off in that hour... but it is done!! Remember this? Well it now looks like this:

Sorry this picture is blurry... I was just soo excited to share!!

I know the decor is pretty youthful - we have never redone the bedrooms upstairs.

While my sister was cleaning her spare room, she came across this:

Yup... Amy was about 6 and I was 4! Apparently I used to have a thing for big smiles back then... oh wait I still do!! I also told my mom she was a mean lady for making me walk around with bangs like that!

I found my wedding dress yesterday too!! I had it preserved and then thought to myself what if one day I go to give this to my kids and it isn't my dress... how upsetting would that be, even though checking 5 years later would have had the same result I am sure, but no worries, it was my dress all folded up.

Also clearly I didn't embarrass myself enough yesterday with sharing my messy office, now I am about to shamefully admit that to celebrate my weight loss, M and I may have went to Dairy Queen for there buy one blizzard get one for 99 cents - great deal, but My Fitness Pal didn't seem to like the caloric intake! Thank goodness I cleaned the office and burned some calories doing so... but it happened and I don't regret it! It was a damn good reward!!

It is a rainy day here... but the weekend is supposed to be alright, a little cool, but hopefully I will find myself along side a bonfire at one point and I plan to head down to the lake at some point too!


J and A said...

Nice work!!! Now do you just want to get your craft on!!! :) Look at all the fabric! So fun. :) Nice work Ash. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Is that the same office from yesterday's post!!? Amazing! Good work!

agalandherdog said...

Way to go! Finishing projects like that is the best feeling!


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