Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It Was A LONG Weekend!!

So, as you can imagine my Friday didn't quite pan out the way it was supposed to! My blogging plans were cancelled when I woke up with a swollen face... thank you allergies! So I spent my morning with ice on my face, until it came time to curl my hair, and then the ice ended up on my neck because once again, I burned myself! I didn't think it would have caused an actual burn, but oh boy did it ever!!

But my hair looked good:
And my sandals and freshly painted purple toes:
The necklace I was telling you about that my sister made:
And the dress:
The hubs and I:

The wedding was outside and it was HOT, but it was a beautiful ceremony! We made it home by 1:15 AM.
Saturday we had a bank appointment, got groceries, came home, did some laundry, had dinner and then headed down to the lake for the rest of the weekend!
Sunday we debated going out on the water because it was windy and the water was a bit rough, but we decided to attempt it and we made out well!! It was a wet ride out, as one wave came into the boat and soaked us all, but the rest of day was perfect and the ride to the harbor was smoother!
We had lunch on the boat and it turns out the buns I bought had ants in them!! I called the store, because the bag was sealed, so they must have come from the store, they told me to freeze the buns and bring them back - more on that story below!
 The evening was spent having dinner and in good company, as well as a card game where the women won!!
Sunday was still windy, but we went out for lunch on the boat and let the dogs play in the water, it was a relaxing day and we were back home by 8 PM!
Today I had to run around and pick up some Scentsy bars, and take the buns back to the grocery store. The lady was soo rude! She told me there was no way I bought the buns on Saturday because of the expiry date - so I proved to her with my receipt. Her response was "Oh!" - which also means that they sold the other ones! Then she said the ants must have gotten in the bag while they were in my possession! I told her the bag was sealed and that there was no way they could have gotten in! I was beginning to get mad - so much for calling when I noticed to protect other people and so much for wasting my time! They did give me my $2.50 back - which I could careless about since it costed me more than $2.50 to drive them back in gas money! She didn't thank me for making them aware, and I highly doubt she was actually going to send them away to be tested. Sooo frustrating!!
I also placed my 2nd Scentsy Order today!! That was pretty exciting!!
 It's a rainy day today and I need to go figure out something for dinner and put away some laundry!
 Hope everyone had a safe and fun long weekend!!


Sara said...

You look gorgeous! Love the hair and the dress! And boo about the buns...jerks.

Meg {henninglove} said...

your hair is super gorgeous!! sorry about the burns at least the end result is gorgeous. and i love that purple nail polish too you and your husband are so cute together

J and A said...

Love your hair and the necklace is awesome!! You looked great!!


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