Friday, September 28, 2012


Wow, it is Friday - this week just zoomed on by!! I feel like I haven't had a chance to catch up on the happenings of this week!

Yesterday I was busy moving my Mom. My back is now killing me, not sure what happened, but it hurts! I have a love on for my heat pack now!!

I have been a lucky girl this week!! I have won 2 awesome give aways! One from Grin & Barrett, Melissa was kind enough to be giving away a custom "About Me" side bar by the VERY talented Aubrey from The Kinch Life Designs!! Sooo as you can see not only is my old background back, but Aubrey redid my "About Me" side bar and I absolutely LOVE it!! I am soo happy with it!! She also has some great deals on blog design - be sure to check her out!!! Thank you Ladies!!

The 2nd Give Away I won was from Alison!! A gift that she has actually already given me, but now I have one to pass on to someone else! Alison gave me my necklace when we met back in July! I am soo entirely grateful!! It is honestly one of my favorite necklaces for soo many reasons and I am actually wearing it today. I actually wear it most days! It is from The Hudson Foundation. They are a non-profit organization that supports those struggling with infertility. Such an amazing cause!!!

They have a store where you can purchase your own hope necklace, as well as other items and all proceeds go directly to The Hudson Foundation. Amazing!! What a great way to give Hope to anyone who needs it, as well as support this amazing cause! Thank you Alison!!!

My crocheting is getting better!! I am past the half way point I think!!

Oh and remember this picture:

I am happy to announce that as horrible as these treats may be, they were both gone by the time I got home. Soo when M came home, he had to try giving it to them himself, because the picture made him laugh soo hard and we got the same reaction. Can you guess which one ended up eating them?

Gracie... what a trooper!! Lily was having no part of it!! hahaha!

I'll be honest I am not really looking forward to finish moving my Mom, but c'est la vie!! M also agreed to play in an old fashioned baseball game on Sunday. No gloves or bats... not to sure how the game is player, but it should be entertaining and it is on London, where I will be anyways!!

These Scentsy Buddy Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals are going crazy!!! Over $26000.00 sold in just buddies alone YESTERDAY!!! It is a crazy awesome deal and make for great gifts!!!! Interested? Let me know!! Awesome deal!!

Happy weekend friends!!


Meg {henninglove} said...

woohoo look at your winning!! congrats on your wins and that necklace is adorable

J and A said...

Nice wins!! I love your about you. So cute!
Glad you can pass the necklace on to someone!! I love them too. Happy weekend! Oh and your crocheting coming along!!

Leigh said...

Congrats on winning the giveaways, so fun! Glad another lucky lady is able to have a necklace as well :) Have a great weekend!


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