Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Our low key weekend has come and gone. Life starts to get a bit busier now that spring is here, so I soak up the low key weekends when we can! 

Friday night we did nothing! Got caught up on the PVR and that is about it! 

Saturday morning M had a salesman come to house, so Noah ended up having a business breakfast, as he slept in and had a late breakfast! 

After Noah's nap we decided to head into town, pick up our new cell phones and grab a few grocoeries. Well picking up the cell phones turned into a 4 hour ordeal because the store is not used to working with small buisnesses, so the whole process that was supposed to be just go in and pick up the phones turned into a very frustrating process. Customer service has gone down hill soo much! Mike ended up going to pick us up lunch and we ate it there at the store... After we got everything figured out, we headed to the grocery store, which was quick because little man was in major need of a nap. Then on our way home we grabbed the phones that the guy activated and headed home. 

Saturday night after Noah went to bed, M and I had a little date night which consisted of somersby, nachos, and the movie Focus with will Smith. 

The movie was pretty good, but didn't love the ending! Movies lately are coming up with these short abrupt endings where as I like to see what happens to them later on! 

Sunday morning Noah woke up with a runny nose! While Noah napped, I uploaded some new pics on my photography page, and organized my photos on my computer as well as put all the pics on my external hard drive as my computer has been acting up lately! Tomorrow I have a newborn photo shot which I am looking forward to!! 

When Noah woke up he seemed fine, no fever or anything aside from the runny nose, so we went to K's first birthday party after lunch, which happened to fall during nap time, so needless to say we weren't staying long.

Look at those tired eyes!! We stay for just over an hour and came home and put this little man to bed! I decided to have a nap while he was too!! 

When Noah woke up we transitioned to a juice/water bottle after nap instead of milk. He didn't seem bothered by it to cut out the extra bottle so that was good! Now we just have to get him onto drinking cold milk! 

We got bubbles at the party, so we gave those a try when we got home and his reaction was pure wonder: 

This purely stunned look turned into constant smiles afterwards, but he was chasing the bubbles too, so nearly impossible to take a picture of! 

Mikes parents came over for ribs for dinner and left just before Noah his the tub for his bedtime routine!  His eye started watering as well, so it looks like he is getting a cold! 

So today we are staying home just incase instead of heading to playgroup! This will also ensure good naps today too I hope! We will head to the farm for dinner tonight to set up their new phones. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Tomorrow I will hopefully finish up our vacation recap!


Murdock's mama said...

Your weekend sounds good--jealous of your date night! :) Good luck with your newborn shoot tomorrow--those are some of my favorites!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I find cell phone stores to have the worst service!!
I am totally craving nachos now! lol.
Have fun with your newborn shoot today :)
PS I love watching A with bubbles too! I got her a big bubble wand for her Easter basket.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So frustrating about the phones! Glad you got it all figured out.

Poor Noah! Hope his cold doesn't last long. Leo's coming down with one :(

J and A said...

Glad you finally got your phones. We got the run around when we got new ones too. So annoying.
Date night in is our fav for sure!


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