Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Noah - 12 Months


21 lbs 8 oz - 46 weeks
23 lbs 9oz - 52 weeks

30.25 inches

Sleeping: Aside from the odd night where teething wakes Noah, he is sleeping great at night and is going down like a champ from either M or I. He is waking up between 5:30/-6:30 for a bottle and usually goes back down until about 7:30. We are toying around with his schedule a bit as he is trying to go down for just one nap a day, which he isn't quite ready for because he doesn't nap long for the one nap! 

Feeding: Noah is a great eater! There are very few things that he does not like! Hopefully this remains true!! We are still introducing things slowly, but we have been told he can pretty miuch have whatever we are eating now! I will be waiting until he is at least 2 to introduce fish because of my allergy.

Clothing: 12 months! 

Diapers: We are in size 3's now!!! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: We haven't seen the doctor, but we will be this month!

Nicknames: No Nap Noah, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Man, Bunny, Little Man, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: Walking, getting scared by Mommy or Daddy, waving, clapping, his tractor and dump truck,  fire truck, his lovies, blankets, remote controls or phones, various toys, crawling, eating, the dogs and cats, singing and dancing. He loves bath time and gets one every night before bed! He also loves his new little house, his digger and his own remote control! He has taken a liking to little people and has the barn as well as the ark.

Dislikes: Things being stacked, being told no.

And this is why we are happy the monthly photos are done because it is impossible to sit still and he is turning into an escape artist! Turns out he thinks it is fun:

This post is only a month late! Oopps!! Glad I wont be doing them monthly now!

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J and A said...

Such a big boy! He is doing so great! He doesn't like things being stacked? Or just likes the knocking over part? He's bigger that Miss D now! :) D is taller though. Hope he likes taller women!


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