Thursday, March 12, 2015

That Time We LOST Our Passports

So before I get to explaining the title... I forgot to recap Noah's cockpit tour!! I was soo happy to have our cousin fly us down for Noah's first international flight and obviously first class was an excellent bonus!

I also forgot to mention the movie I watched on board - The Judge - highly recommend it, or at least the first half! I haven't seen the second half yet!

Turns out I did not hold back on taking pics on our trip... 406 pics later we have a vacation recap, although you don't get see all 406. But mission was accomplished on documenting our vacation!

Noah's cockpit pics:

There was soo much to see it was hard to get a pic of him looking at the camera - which is the story of my life anymore with a busy toddler!!

Tuesday night Noah had a great nights sleep!! On to Wednesday, we took Noah in the pool and the water was the perfect temperature! Noah loved his new float we brought down for him that he got for his birthday! It was a hit!!

After his swim it was nap time for Noah and tanning time for this mama, but let's just take a glimpse of our view with our vacay selfie: 

Absolutely beautiful views!! 

We went downstairs to get ready when Noah got up and that's when we realized we couldn't find our passport folder, which also had $1000 American cash in it. Insert heart attack!! I traced my steps and figure I left it at the car rental place, but when I called the call wouldn't go through! So we hustled back over to the car rental and sure enough after the guy gave me a hard time in a jokingly manner, he handed over our passports!! Clearly he could see through my "keep it cool" plan and could see the worry all over my face! Everything was intact! Phew!!! 

Our new car wasn't ready yet, so we went for lunch at Lee's! If you are in St. Martin, you NEED to go there and get the ribs! They will be the best ribs you have ever had!! Of course with leaving the house so fast we have no pics, because we forgot the camera, and the cell phones ones crummy! But even the view was awesome looking out in the marina! 

We went back and got our car and that is when the adventure began. The roads on the island are crazy, winding around mountains and hills and I swear it was my FIL's mission to take me on the scariest! We went to get groceries, and the drive home had a lot of slow downs and breaks being shouted out. Yup I'm a wreck in the car anymore now that I have Noah. The views were pretty good though, I will give R that much! 

We had dinner, had a family shower, since there was no tub, just a walk in shower, so we needed to team up to keep him in the shower! Turns out he enjoys showers where he can crawl around in and out of the water and he liked playing with the handheld! 

Once Noah was in bed, we played one game of cards and went right to bed! Our night was rough and Noah ended up back in bed with us, which ended up being a common occurrence, as he would wake up frightened to be in an unfamiliar place. But we worked it out and made the best of it! Later in the week we learned to leave his music playing all night and that helped with longer periods of sleep! 


Murdock's mama said...

Thank goodness they had your passports & cash! Yikes!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh I would have died if I lost my passports and all that money!

I didn't realize you went with your ILs! Fun!

That's cool Noah got a cockpit tour- we used to get those all the time when we were younger.

J and A said...

Thank god you got it all back!!! Yikes. SO cute in the cockpit! So crazy your cousin was flying that day!!
Sound like an awesome trip!


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