Monday, March 9, 2015

Vacation 2015: St. Maarten

I am slowly getting into the swing of things around these parts and with my free time in the evening after Noah is down, and we aren't playing euchre, I have found a bit of downtime to write a quick post about Day 1!! But before we get there, let's talk about our night in Toronto!

Tuesday we were supposed to get a nasty snow/ice storm, and we thought it would make an easier travel day for Noah if we headed to Toronto the night before our flight. We stayed at the Holiday Innand did park stay and fly! After 3 different rooms, we were set with a fridge (needed to keep our milk cold). 

Noah was a fan of his crib - at first:

We decided to walk over to The Keg for dinner and Noah was soo good!! We had an awesome little date night. When we got back to the hotel, we bathed Noah and we all went to bed early! Turns out that was a good call because a rough night was ahead! I struggled with the room temperature being too hot, but was afraid it would get to cold for Noah and Noah struggled with his legs or arms getting caught in the crib. After several wake ups we decided to just put Noah in bed! 

And everyone slept much better from that point on!! 

We headed to the airport at 7:30, zoomed through baggage drop off and security! Travelling with a baby is great in that sense! Breakfast at the airport was not soo good!! But Noah managed to keep himself busy pushing his stroller around! 

My cousin is a pilot for Air Canada and was actually one of the pilots for our flight!! Soo that was super neat being able to fly with him and to start our trip out he upgraded us to first class!! None of us had flown first class before so that was a treat!! 

Noah was good for our flight for the most part - he had one fussy period where he needed to be rocked to sleep but we had turbulence and therefor the seatbelt light was on, so we couldn't get up to deal with it, but luckily we worked it out!! We totally need to work out this rocking to sleep thing and teach him to just fall asleep on us! 

We arrived early to St. Maarten, it was spitting a bit but Grandma and Grandpa were there to greet us! We gave them our luggage and then waited for out shuttle to the car rental. 

Unfortunately they didn't have a car available and we ended up with a gutless van, but we had to come back the following day for our car. More on that story to come...

We got to our condo, got settled in, and looked around. S had made spaghetti for dinner for us all and then we called it a night early, since we had a rough night the night before! 

Today we are enjoying our last full day in St. Maarten, as tomorrow is travel home day, but we are coming home to positive temps, so that's a bonus!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip. So jealous of your flight upgrade, I've always wanted to try first class, but can never justify the price difference! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

First class?! Awesome! I am enjoying your photos and cannot wait to hear more about it :)

J and A said...

First class!! Nice!! So excited to see. Love the sneak peeks on IG!

Aubrey said...

So jealous of your amazing vaca!!


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