Friday, March 20, 2015

Five On Friday

We ended up having a busy week, I can hardly believe it's Friday already!!

1) yesterday we had 2 play dates, first one was swimming with the new neighbours behind us. Their little girl is turning 2 soon! Noah did great at the public pool, I wasn't sure how he would handle the splashing and noise, but he loved it all!! It was great! In the afternoon our girls night turned girls afternoon play date! The 3 boys played well together while Maeve napped, but Noah was sure to add her into the fun when she got up! Loved seeing Noah play with the boys! When did my baby turn into a little boy? 

He was pretty tired after swimming! Of course it was during his nap time! 

How adorable right?!?

2) Today I am headed back to Old Navy to exchange the red jacket for the next size up so it will fit him come fall, as it fits him perfectly right now. But the other ones I got gives him a bit more room to grow right now, and we can't quite turn in our winter coats yet! I just think I will get longer wear doing it this way! I am impressed his winter coat still fits him despite his growth spurts! It is 6-12 months and he still has room!

3) another low key weekend up ahead and I am looking forward to it! Hoping for some nice weather 
so we can be outside a bit more! We have a birthday party on Sunday and that is about it!

4) finished my first Robert M. Drake book Spaceship- It wasn't at all what I expected, still had good quotes, but I would have wanted to see more, as it was one quote for two pages, so it was a really quick read. I'm thinking the newest book coming out might be more of what I wanted. But I do love the quotes and they speak to me on soo many different levels! 

5) Spring is officially here and it's here to stay!!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

We are supposed to get 15cm of snow tomorrow! boo. Typical Alberta ;)
I love play dates! Avery is so busy these days that staying at home with her is very challenging, so we have to keep really busy. Have a great weekend!


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