Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Maarten Day 3 & 4

Thursday we headed to a beach (Friars Bay) so Noah could experience his first swim in the ocean, albeit the Carribean Sea, and it didn't disappoint!

He was interested in watching the water rush in and out so when the water touched him, he fell on his butt, fussed a bit and then was fine! Once he got the hang of it, he loved it!! 

We quickly learned that beaches are not all that fun with a toddler that puts everything in his mouth! But he enjoyed it, so we stayed for a bit, and had our picnic lunch we brought after our swim! 
Check out that sandy mit!

Noah enjoyed trying to push his stroller around in the sand and playing peek around the back of it:

Of course he got a mosquito bite on our first day right beside his eye there... It swelled something fierce, as did the ones on his hand! The Mosquitos were horrible and we used most of the bottle on Grandpa! Luckily he didn't get many more! I was covered in them as well. 

We left just as the wind got crazy! We stopped at local bakery to grab baguettes, which we were spoiled with!! They have lots of French bakeries all over the island, in fact that is all we ate when it came to bread! They were soo good! We also tried some of the ice cream there and it was soo rich and creamy! Noah enjoyed it too! 

Friday we were ready to your the town of Marigot and went to the market after nap time! Grandpa and Noah were ready to tour:

At the market we got maracas for Noah, a new hat for myself and some currie powder. It was only getting hotter out, so we grabbed a drink, fed Noah and headed back to the complex and swam the afternoon away after nap time! Noah loved being thrown up in the air:

and then of course I needed to try to get one with the ocean view:

love these two:

After our swim, we went and got ready to go out for dinner. Mike needed to get his lobster dinner in! The place we ate had another great view:

excuse the crazy wind blown hair lol!

but check out this sunset!! Amazing!

We ended the evening off with a game of cards and then off to bed we went! Noah was having a lot of issues during the middle of the night during the middle of our stay, as he would wake up and not remember where he was! So we learned to leave his lullaby music on all night and that ensured a full nights sleep!!

Today Mike's parents come home too!


Murdock's mama said...

Oh my goodness...you make me miss the beach! What a fun vaca! :) And yes...the beach with toddlers is brutal, but so worth it! :)

J and A said...

I need a beach. It looks amazing! Poor mosquito bite! Darn thing! The pool looks super fun.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such awesome photos! I hear you beaches with little ones are not too fun since they just want to eat everything. I am hoping this summer is better with A!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like you guys had no fun there! The sunset is just gorgeous- what a pretty place! Next time, take me!! :)

Yucky mosquitos! They still came out despite the heat?


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