Monday, March 16, 2015

[ Weekend Rewind ]

Soo nice to have positive temps still floating around these parts! The fact that the grass is starting to become visible excites me, but we have a long way to go!

Thursday I found out my sister was able to get us tickets to see Luke Bryan!!! Soo excited for this concert!!! 

Friday night we had our couples night and played some Cards Against Humanity - highly recommend that game haha - we enjoyed some yummy snacks and beer! It was a fun, and easy night!

Saturday morning after breakfast M took Noah for a crop tour to check on the jobsites while I headed into town to make some returns at Carter's (love their return policy) and picked up a new jacket for Noah, as well as few other goodies! 

He is actually starting to outgrow his socks, so I bought the next size up! I also got him a new summer hat since we apparently don't have one! I need to find him a ball cap! 

We actually timed it perfectly and were back at the same time! I was supposed to go to Winners to look for a spring coat for myself, but I just didn't feel like it! 

I finished watching The Judge (I had watched about half of it on our flight to St. Martin). It is an excellent movie!! Highly recommend it! 

The afternoon was spent playing and while Noah slept for an hour and half, I treated myself to the hot tub since my neck was still sore from the day before. I have a big knot in it preventing me from turning my head properly but it's too tender to touch, so heat it is! It felt much better after! 

I also did a little online shopping and ordered myself 2 new books by Robert M. Drake! His books consist mainly of quotes and thoughts, which I really enjoy! Here are a few quotes:

I can't wait for them to come in! I also can't wait for:
-the new baby gate to come in so we can stop tripping on chairs barricading the kitchen! 
-Noah also started chewing on his crib rail a bit, so I bought the crib rail protector. 
-Shutterfly sent me another free offer for a stationary pack! Yes please! 
-While we were in St. Martin they offered me a free 16x20 print! Perfect for the bathroom!! 

Needless to say next week will be a happy mail week! 

Saturday night was spent snuggling with this little cuddle bug:

We watched a boring movie called Stay with Taylor Schilling. I thought I would stick it out and watch it because I like Taylor Schilling but man it was slow and boring! Which reminds me, I bought the new InL3D Box for the TV, so watching movies and tv shows online is soo much easier now!! No laptops wires everywhere, etc. 

Sunday after breakfast we headed to Cambridge to go to Old Navy to pick up a coat I had on hold for Noah! Lesson learned - don't wait until last minute for these kind of things!! Luckily I ended up hitting an awesome sale and got 2 for the price of 1!! As well as a few extras and 
clearance for myself!! 

The red coat is actually going to get exchanged for the next size up, as it fits now, where as the blue one gives him more room to grow for spring! The red one will be great for fall!! 

I also got myself this shirt just in time to start up round 3 of the 21 day fix! I was pleasantly surprised to find myself an extra pound lighter since finishing round 2! 6 more pounds go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight! 

Excuse the make up free look haha! 

The afternoon was spent playing and putting away laundry! We are pretty much caught up now! Noah also spoiled us with having a 2 hour nap!! He had some stellar hair afterwards too: 

I was happy to see The Kardashians back on! Yup just admitted that dirty little secret on the blog haha. I'm not even sure why I enjoy that show, but I do!! 

That's pretty much our weekend wrapped up! Tomorrow Noah has his 12 month shots - only a month late! Soo not looking forward to him feeling crummy afterwards! Mikes parents also get home tomorrow night! 


Murdock's mama said...

Love so much about this post. Luke Bryan -- yes please! :) I'm excited for the new season of KUWTK too! ;)

J and A said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! LOVE all the new clothes. I need to shop for D. SO jealous you are going to Luke, love him! Good work on round 3!! Whoo hoo. Love his quotes too.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love all of Noah's coats, I am a huge coat person, they are my weakness ;)
You looks great and I love that top! Fix is no joke, those 30 minutes are killer!
I love 2 hour naps!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow you fit a lot into your weekend! I'm lucky if I can do half that!

I love coats too. I need to find a new one I think! I want to go to winners this weekend- not sure I will get the chance though.

Ok I've never heard of Luke Bryan before- I live in a hole apparently!! Must check him out!


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