Sunday, March 29, 2015

Low Key Weekend

Our weekend was rather low key, which ended up being just what the doctor ordered for M!

Friday M hurt his back.... Long story short he admitted it was stupid and that he was impatient... He kept saying to me in sickness and in health when he needed my help and I was sure to let him know (as I helped him) that our vows didn't have a stupidity clause. 

Friday night I went into town by myself, checked out Winner's and bought NOTHING! The perk to my night was getting $13 back on clothes I had already bought Noah that were on sale and treating myself to a hot chocolate on the way home! 

Saturday morning I was bound and bent I was going to sleep in... But nope I was awake at 7! I laid in bed for an hour trying to sleep but no bueno. 

When I did get up M told me he thought he should go to Emerg and get his back looked at, which means he was really hurting because he never offers to goto the hospital, so who was I to argue? But I will tell you what we did argue about... Putting on his socks! I HAD to help him and this job made me cringe because I HATE feet, especially men's feet! So I sucked it up and helped him being the good wife I am... For him to tell me I needed to pull them up higher... My response... They are ankle socks!!! 

Noah was not impressed Daddy was leaving during their time together and he sure had a good pout going on all morning! 

So we watched cartoons on the couch and had a snack after breakfast! Then he treated me to a 2 hour nap!! I did get laundry done during that time, but most of the projects I need to work on aside from editing photos is upstairs in the spare room! 

M got home around noon and found out it was luckily just a sprain. Once M had relaxed for a bit after lunch we made squash, and sweet potatoe for Noah. It was a low key afternoon, Noah was grumpy because Daddy wasn't playing with him, because he doesn't understand Daddy is hurting but didn't want to play with me! Weekends are usually Noah and Daddy time and I am chopped liver, which I am fine with to let them have their bonding time together! I get him all to myself 5 days a week! Insert grumpy face: 

We had chicken alfredo for dinner, which was a first for Noah and he was undetermined as to whether or not he liked it! He kept trying it, so he didn't hate it, but he wouldn't have much rather had the fresh squash he started out with!

After Noah went to bed M and I watched the movie Delivery Man and then went to bed ourselves! 

Sunday M was feeling a bit better and went outside to do a little yard work, which he said raking felt good on his back, not that he did much of it, but every little bit counts! I played with Noah and got some more laundry going! During nap time I updated Noah's One Line A Day book and then worked on editing some photos from last weeks new born shoot! 

We went and looked at some pallets for an upcoming Spring project!!! I am really looking forward to it!! If you have me on Pinterest, you probably have an idea on what we are up to, but for those who don't - think furniture! 

Sunday night we got more snow... Luckily it didn't stick around! I was also happy that M volunteered to walk the dogs because I definitely didn't want to walk in the blizzard! 

Today we are off to London where we will pick up Noah's Easter gift and have lunch with my mom!


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Happy M is feeling better! I had to laugh at the feet thing ;)
I cannot wait to see your pallet project. I showed Chad pics of old TV stands turned into play kitchens last night and might have convinced him to make one...
And a blizzard?!

Brie said...

Haha!! I can't stand feet either! Except for baby feet - I could nibble on my son's little toes all day long ;)

Off to stalk your pinterest to see what project you may be up to!

J and A said...

Hope M is feeling better!! Can't wait to see your project!

Leigh said...

Oh no, what did Mike do? Hopefully he is feeling better as a bad back is no fun! I hate feet as well! So gross


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