Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First High Fever

So instead of finishing up our vacation recap off today, I am sad to say our little man has his first real cold and high fever! Therefore the post didn't get wrote up last night and I don't have time this morning with the newborn photo shoot in a few hours! So the post will wait!

Sunday Noah started off with a runny nose, and teary eye, yesterday he had the same, but was in relatively good spirits!

But we were sure to have our Boogie Wipes near by!!

I will say that Noah is not a fan of having his nose wiped or sucked out with the snot sucker! He tolerates it with the boogie wipes most of the time, but still lets you know he doesn't enjoy it! 

Yesterday he put himself to sleep for naptimes, which was a nice treat! We had dinner at the farm last night to set up their new phones and this little man wanted nothing to do with dinner! We managed to get his carrots in, some pears, the odd piece of meat or noodles. This alone was rare! Noah is such a good eater, so this raised a few flags as to how he was really feeling despite his smiles! Little man was going down hill fast! He played a bit after dinner, but ended up on Grandmas lap snuggling, 
watching Ellen and was falling asleep! 

We knew it was time to go now because this NEVER happens! Granted he likes to snuggle, but sit still for such a long period of time and then to fall asleep... Poor guy! 

We went straight home and found his temperature to be over 102! We gave him Tylenol, a cool bath and before putting him to bed we had it down to 100. When Mike and I went to bed we double checked him and it was still 100, so we gave him Advil and cold medicine (0-9 cough and cold)  and hoped for a good night! He did better than we expected, waking just a few times. This morning we woke up to find him slumped over in sitting position, so Mike went and straightened him out and he slept in until 8! 

His temp this morning was still 100! So we gave him Tylenol again and are hoping for the best as the day goes on! He is heading back to the farm while I do my shoot and I'm sure Grandma won't complain about extra snuggles! 

Soo hard seeing them sick and helpless! We managed to make it the whole winter without a cold. He has had one little cold when he was a baby, but nothing like this! Hopefully this passes quickly! 


Hilary said...

Poor thing. Those fevers are the worst. :-( I hope he's feeling better soon!

J and A said...

Poor guy! Hope he feels better today. Sick babies are no fun.

Katie Jeanne said...

Poor honey! At least it took him over a year to get a bad cold! Prayers that he feels better soon!


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