Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Tid Bits

I figured we were due for a random post so here we go!

1} I am soo ready to chop my hair off today!! You know you are ready when you are counting down the days on the weekend until it's hair cut day! I am very ready for a change! I am also ready to consider getting highlights done too! I know the maintenance is a lot on brunettes, but it's time to consider!! 

2} we lucked out at toys r us and they had both my rain checks in stock! We got the picnic table and the sand and water table! Noah also got some adirondack chairs too! Come on spring and summer!!

Noah has finally picked a sippy cup he likes! The one we got was a bit big for him and for older children, but he loved it, so we found the more age appropriate one with handles and its smaller! Cup of choice is by Munchkin: the Miracle 360 as pictured above!

3} I started watching another reality TV show.... Why I am not sure... Kendra On Top! Add on any bachelor shows, true tori (which I am caught up on), hockey wives, etc. it could be worse right? I couldn't watching real housewives although hockey wives must be similar!

4} my beautiful shellac nails are gone... Ripped right off and back to no nails. Verdict is: this girl needs gel nails and will be getting them ASAP! 

5} I tried a new work out last night... Wasn't a big fan, but I wanted to change up the 21 day fix! 

6} Noah enjoyed having the shower on while he had a bath. It was handy when it came to rinsing the soap off! He was a giggling monster while doing so:

Oh and the bad news in this post... That I am not even sure it's worth complaining about because yesterday's complaints went no where... It's bloody snowing here again! I know it's still March and this is typical, but I am just soo ready to start getting outside with the little man! 


J and A said...

So excited to see your hair cut!! I used to watch Kendra on Top, are there new ones now? I want to get D a chair like that! Will have to find one soon. WE live in the backyard now!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

How short are you going? Excited to see what you do with the highlights too!

So the shellac was a no? Did you just pick them off? My sis has hers done and I really like them! I'm so tempted!!

I need to check out that Hockey Wives show! Sounds full of drama!!

Audrey has a chair like that and Leo sits in it now! He looks so grown up in it!

Cool sippy cup, Noah!!

Boo to the snow!


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