Thursday, January 13, 2011

So What Happened Tuesday Night?

Well, as I am sure most you figured there would be a few stories behind my previous post (So What Wednesday), you were right! I do have a few stories to share, mind you, most of them were frustrating at the time, but seemingly funny now.

It all started yesterday when I left work, I pulled out of the parking lot and went to clean my windshield and sure enough, I ran out. I was planning on taking the highway home because snowy weather was impending. Well, as you know, I do not do much in the way of filling fluid in my car, gas is actually about as far as it goes! I had filled the washer fluid ONCE on my old car. But, I knew I would need it, so I pulled into the nearest gas station and grabbed the half-full jug from the back of my car. I pushed the button that would pop the "lid" and spent AT least 5 minutes trying to figure out why it was not opening! My old car had a handle, but my new car... well I know now that it has a slot. So, I happened to notice a Jamaican man pumping his gas and singing along to his reggae music blaring from his car, it was kind-of catchy actually, he kept looking over at me -> who probably looked like a damsel in distress. Finally, after watching me close enough, he noticed I was indeed having difficulties, so he came over and asked me if I was OK? I will admit, I was flustered about this situation and secretly cursing my husband for not checking it explained to him that I could not get the "lid" up. So of course he popped it open with no problem. He even opened the cap for the windshield washer fluid for me, while holding the "lid" up. As I was pouring the fluid in, he proceeded to explain how dangerous it was to run out of fluid, but if I did, how to manage, all while reggae tunes blared in the background. He shut the "lid", I thanked him and we were both on our way in separate directions! God only knows how long I would have waited for someone else's help or until I figured it out on my own! So that was a random act of kindness on his part, for which I am grateful for and heck I learned what to do if I ran out on the highway (get behind a truck). But I don't plan on running out AGAIN!

My drive home was treacherous. The roads were crap and visibility was poor. I couldn't wait to get home for the night and into my PJ's. We made Calzones last night for dinner for the first time too and they were fantastic! However, before that happened I received a sticker on my door from UPS when I arrived home. (I just figured I would throw some good into this entry in the middle.)

So, I grab the notice and decide to call UPS and arrange a new delivery time, you know when I would BE HOME, because apparently they don't follow instructions from the sender to deliver on a Monday or Thursday, when I am home!

That is just what I did, and of course I was put through to a heavy accented woman, whom I could not understand (no offense to anyone), and she told me I could pick it up or have it shipped to an alternate location, or they would be back tomorrow. So I thought "Oh how handy, I could have it shipped to work", I gave her my work address and she said " Ok, that will be delivered Thursday", so I explained to her that I was not at work on Thursday and that it needed to be delivered on Wednesday and she she told me that was not possible. I am obviously frustrated at this point. They can't leave it for me because they need a signature on delivery. My next idea was that I would have it shipped to the farm. However, that didn't work either because I was not going to be there. URGGG... I could have it shipped to my neighbour, even if I was not going to be there, but not around the corner... soooo many loop holes! I was losing my cool at this point as she was telling me that I it was the senders request and that I could phone them, so I thought OK, but is that going to solve my problem... She says you can try "Mam", which is what she called me continuously and that was driving me crazy, after every sentence, she would call me "Mam". So I asked her again if it would work and she finally said "No Mam, they will not change it for you." And I lost it... "So were you trying to waste some more of my time by getting off the phone with me?" She says "pardon" and I lost it even more...

To sum up the story I spoke with her supervisor, who was just as useless and had Mikes Mom come over and wait for the delivery... PAIN IN THE BUTT!!

That sums up the happening of Tuesday night and I was not in a good mood. My nose has been a leaky faucet after being at my Mom's and dealing with stuff from her cold cellar, that made me have a sinus infection last time and I am sure that is what I have now!

I have my new phone now and I am liking it so far... won't say love yet, because I am still learning what all it can do, but so far it is pretty cool!


Rebekah said...

Goodness what a hassle! I've never had any problems getting packages! Although, I have gone to UPS to pick it up.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh!! What a crazy hassle!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

UPS, Canada Post, they are ALL a pain in the butt! I feel for you!

Aly said...

Left you something on my blog!


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