Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic Monday

Well let's get straight to details of my weekend! Friday was low-key, I came home from work and M was already home! We took the dogs for a walk and then settled in for a nice quiet night. Oh, did I mention it snowed? As in, it snowed a lot ALL night!!

Creating my drive to the spa Saturday morning to be disastrous! Luckily, I took M's truck with 4x4, however, I still didn't have to steer through the round-a-bout. I made only 5 minutes late and now my nails are beautiful!! I had a few more stops to make in town, so I slid around town and headed home to get ready for our ball party! We enjoyed a great afternoon with most people from the team, sat down for dinner and shortly after dinner, everyone left by 8:00. So we had another quiet evening to ourselves. In fact, here is a picture of M and I after the ball party:

Excuse my SUPER pasty skin.. what can I say, I need to go away and get a tan!! Also, that is my SUPER dark hair, which I love, but I think I will love it more with a tan!

Sunday morning, we ended up getting a text from M & J to head over to the restaurant for some breakfast and we had only 10 minutes to get ready and get there, yes we do live around the corner, but I was still in my jammies. So I quickly put myself together and we were just getting ready to walk over and M's pager goes off for a medical call, and the ironic part, AT the restaurant! So he took off to the hall, and I called J saying I would still meet her there, meanwhile she had no clue, which meant that M had no clue and he is a volunteer firefighter too, but he left his pager at home. J dropped M off and came and picked me up. We had the dog kennels put away, so I decided to leave the girls out while we were gone. J and I headed over to the restaurant and watched the boys tend their medical call. The boys joined us after returning the fire trucks to the hall and we enjoyed a nice breakfast. M and I came back home and surprise surprise, the girls were good, they didn't chew anything or steal anything, not that they always do, but it is really hit and miss with them. Maybe we can start leaving them out again?

We headed into town to get some groceries, leaving the dogs out again and one store had 40% off of dog kennels, so we picked one up for Gracie because hers is old, and that way she would have more room! I know I just thought about leaving them out, but in case we have to kennel them again, at least she would have a new kennel, like Lily's. We came home and of course they were good again. It is kinda nice to just pop out and not have to worry about kenneling them. I don't know that I could leave them for the whole day out of their kennels, they would probably get bored and I would end up needing new tea towels or dog beds. I enjoyed a nice nap around 4:30 and woke up around 6:30 pm. I put a sheet over our blankets and let the dogs come up in bed with me, which I haven't done since we got our new bedroom furniture, so a couple of months and well, they are still in bed, without me of course, and it is 9:30... do you think they missed the bed? Yes, I am scheduling this blog post. M and I enjoyed watching Heartland and eating dinner and it looks like it will be a nice quiet night!

We ended up getting soooo much snow this weekend!! I just remembered I left out a funny part of Saturday morning! I am being lazy, instead of scrolling up and adding it up there, I am just going to type it down here. So after I got back from town, M and I loaded the dogs up in the truck and headed over to the village library. I needed a library card and we both needed pins for our cards so we could loan books out for our e-reader. After finishing up inside the library, M and I figured we would let the dogs play in the deep snow, as the library backs onto the ball park, which is down the street from my house. With not being that far and since I had my boots and mitts on, minus a hat, I volunteered to walk the dogs back instead, we didn't have collars or leashes, but they are well behaved! Wow was that not one of my brilliant ideas... I felt like I was doing a step program and the snow seemed to be getting deeper and deeper, we are talking knee high. It would have been great if I had snow shoes! I was definitely not going anywhere too fast! But it was worth my cold ears and sore legs, because the dogs were just loving it!! Find me a golden retriever that does not like snow! Lily pretty much tries to swim in it, when she is not making tunnels. She is sooo funny, she burrows underneath it and then just pops up randomly. Then some snowmobiles zoomed by and they just HAD to chase them!! I love those dogs!! So we eventually made it home. I stepped in the door, tore off my jacket, because believe it or not, I was HOT! My ears were freezing soo bad they stung, but the rest of me was HOT! My jeans were covered up to the knees with snow. M couldn't decide who to towel off first. Off came the pants at the front door, put them on the heat vent and ran to the closet to get a new pair!

Oh and the scheduler screwed up, hence why this post is late...


J and A said...

Cute pic! Love your hair, so pretty.

Megan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I cannot let our dogs sleep in the bed with us...they'd never get down!


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