Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things Don't Always Go As Planned!

So I am not typing this from the comfort of my bed this morning, nor am I even typing it from home! I got called in to work today! So that means NO nap for me! But it is okay, I managed to get some sleep last night, not a great amount, but enough to function! The cats were better until this morning at about 6:00 AM! And I kicked them out! I also found the straw that I couldn't find 2 weeks ago!! Let's just say it was confiscated!

Oh and on another note from yesterday: You will all be happy to know that I did find my cup! It made it around 2 corners and about 2 kilometers! However, the sad part is, it did not make it! Tupperware has let me down! The cup was indeed broken! So note to yourselves and maybe myself : Tupperware does not withstand travelling on top of your car very well!! Do not leave cups on your car!

That is all I have got for now! I may post again later! Have a good day!


Miss Southern Vol said...

Tuppaware and the roof of your car doesnt sound very promising for the tuppaware! PS your dogs are adorable- I LOVE Goldens- favorite dog ever!

Anonymous said...

aw. Yes tupperware might not be good the roof of your car.

Jessica and Stephan said...

Aww...I hope work was an easy day for you!


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