Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Commitment Issues

So, I think I have a commitment issue with my blog!! I cannot seem to commit to a background!! I just love switching it up! As you can see I have spent a fair amount of time today on switching it up again! I am hoping this one will grow on me! A little less pink, and since I am LOVING purple lately, I figure this one should manage to stick around! The thing I will admit dreading is redoing the banner if I change my mind again!

This is the only commitment issue I seem to have in my life! Look at what blogging is doing to me... haha just kidding! Actually I have a hard time committing to change, in fact when changing furniture around, I have to see it, try it for a bit and then decide! M hates this! I love change, just hate decisions!

Aside from my issues, today my drive to work was a bit slick, but the crazy deep freeze we have been experiencing this past weekend seems to have dropped! Its a little warmer... if you can call -10 degrees Celsius warm?  I know I can't! However, it was freezing rain that made things soo slick! I cannot wait for my holiday and then spring!

Bachelor last night anyone? How sweet was Brad when he went out of his way for Emily at the rose ceremony, who didn't get a date this week! I am also a bit bothered by the "fears" that the girls are having to face. Every week/time for the one on one dates it is a fear of the girls. As if they didn't know! Oh and how crazy is Michelle? I am sure she actually did beat herself up in her sleep just for attention! Can we say psycho?! And I am glad that he changed his mind on his group date and did not give Ashley the rose and that he made her wait for the last one at the rose ceremony! I am not loving her!

Girls night was fun last night, we sipped on fruit smoothies and snacked on brownies!!

I had a mini panic attack yesterday too! I learned that my cousins wedding is on the same day as M & J's wedding, which Mike is part of the wedding party! What were the chances that they would both be on a Friday and on a long weekend! Luckily I learned that the ceremony times are different and they are in the same city!! Phew!! I will have to figure everything else out a little sooner to the day! But what were the chances! There was no way I would miss either one of their weddings!

I also did my first dance workout!! It was pretty fun!! I even broke a sweat!!

Now tonight I have to watch 90210 from last night, One Tree Hill Tonight and figure out a way to watch Pretty Little Liars that I missed last night! Glad M has volleyball! We might have to swing by J and K's new place! They move around the corner from us today!! I am soo excited to have more young blood on the block! No offense to the elders that live on our street, but there is only 1 other young couple on our street! K is on the fire department with Mike and also grew up with Mike and J is apart of girl's night!  Soo pumped for them!!

Have a great day!


Tara said...

OTH is back??!?!?!
so exciting!
like i use quotes in everyday live from lucas & peyton
that said can I get a TEAM LEYTON bring them back ahhaha

Ana said...

I totally when and changed my blog layout because you made me think about it...but I change mine all the time, depending on my mood or the season...it's nice to have something new to look at...

Anonymous said...

haha. its ok to change your blog sometimes. I used to change it like every week when I first started blogging. Now that I have found my signature style, i don't play with it too much anymore. You'll get to that point.

Miss Southern Vol said...

I just LOVE emily! We are on the same page with the Bachelor! Love the new update on the blog :)

Jessica said...

Haha, when I first started my blog, I changed my layout like 6 times in a week!!

I think it looks great. :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

Hey, I LOVE the background!


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