Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So What Wednesday...


Ok.. here comes another edition of SO WHAT WEDNESDAY... back by request... lol

Head on over to Shannon's blog to tag up and play along!!

  • instead of getting a car wash, I washed my car at the gas station with the squeegee brush? I looked around to make sure no one was watching!!
  • my new line that I find myself repeating WAY to often is " Just Sayin' " and it now drives my husband crazy!!
  • I told a lie before Christmas so that I would get my Old Navy order sooner in the mail? Just because it wasn't ACTUALLY Christmas presents does not mean that I didn't need my leggings to wear to Christmas!
  • I just stepped up on style and bought my first pair of skinny jeans... I ONLY bought them to go with the pair of boots I HAD to have. I actually hate them without boot style slippers or the boots! They are super comfy.. just not my style!
  • I dance and sing in the shower when NO ONE is home... and then tell my hubby all about how AWESOME I am!
  • I have more "pretty days" than "smart days"... being smart ALL the time is over-rated!
  • we threaten our cats with M's new Lego set... it's not like they actually take us seriously.
  • I told M that he could put such Lego found HERE on my bedside to try to prevent the cats from stealing my damn straw from my glass of water. I may have also told him that it could stay if it worked... No worries, the cats still stole the straw and I haven't found it yet!
  • I have enough pairs of rubber gloves for EVERY cooking task... one for baking, one for meat, one for cleaning, and a back-up!  (I have 2 pairs of HOT PINK(one with flower cuffs), 1 orange and one pair of black and red with rhinestones)
  • I actually use those gloves for those things... I don't like feeling the texture of things, especially meat.
  • I didn't take any pictures over Christmas... I suck OK?
  • I am going to buy a laser to tire my cats out. 2011 is not looking like a good year for them so far... they are CRAZY. I may also be withholding their Christmas present from M's parents because it contains catnip... they do NOT need cat-nip!
  • most of my blog posts lately and 50% of this post is about my cats... they are cramping my blog style.. but fear not, yelling at them does NOT work... and well actually, I have NOT found anything that does work, hence why I am venting about it!
  • I may need counselling... I thought that is what blogging was for?


Kar said...

We have the same problem with our cats. I wake up every morning with clawed up arms. To top it off, they sleep alllll day long!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

You totally don't suck! And about all of this...SO WHAT?! :) You are who you are-celebrate it, don't apologize for it! Have a blessed day! xoxo

Miss Southern Vol said...

This is such a cute blog!! LOVE IT!!

ola appletea said...

realy nice blog!!!

post is great

Shannon said...

OMG I ALWAYS say "just sayin'" LOL

Jenny said...

I love hearing these stories about your cats, makes me laugh!

Megan said...

Hahaha, this was SO funny!! Blogging is definitely a form of get it out!! I have totally washed my car with the window brush while getting it!


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