Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday (Long post)

Okay, bear with me folks, I have a couple of topics to touch on and of course a couple of random bits of info!

First I will start with the email I received from my sister this morning. She was staying at a Marriott last night in Detroit, as they were flying out this morning to Florida. So I guess Hannah was playing in the room with her Barbie in a drawer, all of a sudden Hannah started saying BoBos, which is what Hannah calls boobies. Amy and Eric go over to see what she is doing and she had found 2 porno magazines in the drawer!! How crazy is that? I am not to sure how the story ended, aside from the magazines being confiscated, but the story is kind-of funny! To be honest I am not sure that I was even supposed to share this story, especially on my blog, but it is funny... right?

Now, I promised to go into detail with my menu plans for Saturday's dinner party, so here we go:
  • Baked brie wrapped in puff pastry. Half of it will be plain with the pastry and the other half will have roasted garlic in the pastry. I will be serving it with toasted baguette drizzled with oil and garlic, as well as a few cheese spreads including: Apple Pecan Harvest (my favorite), Red Hot Pepper Jelly and Apricot and Jalapeno. 
  • Cheese and spinach puffs
  • Cheese, tomato and pesto crescents
  • Mushroom and cheese triangles
  • Cheese and onion puffs
I am also considering serving a spinach/artichoke/asiago dip with baked pita bits, but have not decided, as these will all be appetizers? There will be about 10 of the pastries listed above. I am also going to make little item cards for each appetizer, so people know what is what. 

For the meal, we will be having Cesar salad with homemade dressing and lasagna. N & K will be bringing bread to go with the meal and J & A will be bringing dessert! Can't wait!!

Today I took a trip into town for an appointment and hit up the liquor store afterwards! I was picking up a bottle of Girls Night and happened to notice that Palm Bays were on SALE!! I was going to buy a case of Bacardi Breezers, but changed my mind when I saw the sale! I bought to 6 packs of Palm Bay and a bottle of Girls Night for less than the case of Bacardi Breezers! It was like clearance shopping at the liquor store, and I love all that I bought!! But the saving did not stop there!!

I hit up Winners, which for my American readers, who may not recognize the name of the store, it is like a TJ Max type of store! I was on the look out for cheese knives, since I do not love the little ones I have. Of course they had a lingerie event on! I couldn't leave the store with checking it out, I have been putting off bra shopping for long enough. Does anyone else hate bra shopping? I am different size depending on the brand and therefore have to try them on before leaving the store. When I saw the prices, I was convinced, loaded up the cart and headed to the change rooms! Much to my surprise, all 5 fit!! Oh and the best part... I bought 2 bras for $5.00 each, 2 for $3.00 and 1 for $2.00!! I am talking name brand bras too, not the cheapos that break after one wear! I didn't bother checking the rest of the lingerie because I was behaving! HA! No... I placed an order online at La Vie En Rose on the weekend (which I will explain a funny story, maybe tomorrow)!! They were having a clearance event as well!

 I will note that the lingerie department was moved up to the front doors, and the housewares department is at the back! While walking towards the back of the store, I passed the wallet section and saw yet again, red stickers!! I couldn't NOT look! I found myself a cute little wristlet that matches my purse by XOXO it was on clearance for $11.00. Sometimes I hate lugging my hand bag around and wish I had something small I could just grab-n-go and now I do!! So I made my way to the back of the store and could not find cheese knives at all! This was the one store in town I thought I would definitely find them at and I was out of luck in that department! While searching isle for isle for these knives, I was passing clearance at the end of the isles, now I will admit, I probably would not have found cheese knives in the bath and bedding department, but ya never know.. right? What I did find were these cute little hand towels on clearance for $3 each. They are white with dark and light grey polka dots on them! Mike's bathroom NEEDED them! They match sooo well! You know how I love polka dots!! I knew I had to stop there and started to head to the front of the store, when I found...... (drum roll please) the recycling bag I wanted for inside. I hate lining the recycling up on the counter to be taken out, especially now that it is winter and you have to put shoes on to make the trip!

Umbra Crunch Bird Cotton Canvas Round Container

 Now, I know the picture shows laundry in it, but you can use it for recycling or even trash. The inside has a plastic lining that you can wipe clean! I have seen it before at Urban Barn for $25 bucks, but I got it for only $14.99! Of course this had to come home with me!! And it did! So I spent a whopping $50 for 5 bras (which should have costed me $100 full price), my wristlet (should have costed $44 regular price), 2 hand towels (which would have been $10 each) and my recycling bag (which would have been $25.00) I saved sooo much money!! I called M to tell him about my purchases and was smart enough to mention the bras first and he didn't seem to care after that... he then had bras on the brain and can't wait to see what all I bought!! Hahaha... men... gotta love them!

I headed home, got a phone call from M and she popped on over with baby L for a nice visit! She was even kind enough to bring me a hot apple cider!! Mmmhmm my favorite!! Lux had his first encounter with a baby or toddler, but he is not one year old yet and Lux was great with baby L!!!  Now tonight M and I will head into town to grab some groceries for the party and dinner and then we will come home and tidy up the house, since we did not do that last night! M blew out the driveways and I made worlds biggest dog bed ALL BY MYSELF!! I even sewed on my first zipper!! I was very proud of myself and soo were the dogs! I set it up today for them and they just love laying on it! I made it big enough for them both to fit on it! I will take pics of it soon! I even figured out how to switch the thread and bobbins! I am loving my new sewing machine! That is my second sewing project on it!

Well I think that is enough for one days blog! I'll be back tomorrow with the follow up lingerie post! Be ready to laugh!

Oh and while I was typing this, all of my neighbours power was out, but not mine!! I guess it was a scheduled  outage!


Rebekah said...

Those are great deals! Seriously, awesome.

J and A said...

What a good shopper you are! Why don't we live closer! :)


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