Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whats Up Wednesday?

Well I have a pretty boring day a head of me here at the office today!

So I will recap One Tree Hill! Did anyone else love last nights episode? I was definitely laughing throughout! I really do like Brooke and Julian!! Well who are we kidding, I like them all, even Alex - she has grown on me! Can't wait for the wedding next week!!

I missed Teen Moms last night, but did get caught up 90210! That was a pretty good episode! Still haven't watched Pretty Little Liars though, online has not come through for me yet!

I hope all of my Floridian readers are okay after that storm that touched down? My sister is heading your way for vacation and mentioned the severe weather you received!

M and I will hopefully be getting the house tidied tonight for the dinner party we are hosting on Saturday! I will share the menu plans with you tomorrow!! Friday night we have our monthly card night and everyone will be bringing their favorite dessert!! Mmmhmm... not so good for the getting my gut in shape before I go away, but, you only live once I suppose!

This post was once again random!! Sorry!

One day I might have a structured blog, hell, I might even have a structured life! But we are not there yet! So bear with me in the meantime!


Anonymous said...

i love hosting dinner parties. Makes me feel important and center of attention. Score!

Jessica said...

Oh girl, none of us have a structured life! Haha, I know I don't and my blog is just as random! :D

Diana Mieczan said...

I love dinner parties and I also missed Teen Moms last night...Its so interesting to watch, isnt it?

Kisses and hugs,sweetie

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful Garnish party supplies GIVEAWAY today :) ...Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Natalie said...

Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog :) I love hosting dinner parties!

Megan said...

A dinner party sounds like fun!


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