Monday, January 24, 2011

Manic Monday

What a nice weekend we had, minus the COLD FRIGID WEATHER, holy, my trip to Dominican can not come quick enough!! Friday night we ventured out for date night!! We went to see No Strings Attached and it was great!! Both M and I enjoyed the movie! It was not just a chick flick, it had a lot of great one-liners! We stopped at Costco before heading to the theatre to pick up our movie tickets at discount - $22.99 for 2 movie tickets, 2 regular drinks and 2 regular popcorn - what a great deal because without those we would have spent $19 on just the movie tickets and then popcorn and drinks on top of that, which we all know are not cheap at the theatre! Great deal, great movie, great night!! M bought 2 pairs of jeans, which he was very proud of because I am the one who usually finds good deals for myself, but this time I found the deal for him, and they had his size!

Saturday morning, Mike went down to M's and was helping him in his basement, while I laid in bed with the dogs and cats and watched Dear John. What a great movie, but make sure you have a box of Kleenex near by! I think I cried throughout the whole movie!! It was good though! M came home, we worked away on laundry and had a low-key afternoon. We had a nice roast beef dinner and then headed down to M and J's and sampled champagne for their upcoming wedding in July and played dominoes! We ended up getting super hungry and of course we didn't feel like making anything so we headed down to the restaurant at midnight for some appetizers! I ordered perogies, Mike got spinach dip, J got Mozzarella sticks and M got deep fried pickles! We headed home and straight to bed!

Sunday I slept in until 10:00!! Wow, can't believe that happened!! We poked away at more laundry, had some lunch and headed into town for groceries, I ended up buying the Kinect Dance Central game! I have been considering signing up for Zumba classes, but figured this would work just as well! It is quite the work-out! M and I worked in the back basement in the afternoon. We went through boxes and bins and got rid of a big box of stuff for Good Will! We are going to try to do a few bins here and there until it is done. We have been discussing our future renovations that we are bouncing ideas around!! It is pretty exciting actually! More details will come at a later date on that one! Sunday evening we ate dinner, watched Heartland and then I watched The Switch (movie with Jennifer Anniston) - it was alright, not fantastic though! Lux had a minor freak out last night, leaving me with a large cut across the back of my hand. He was lying on my lap sleeping and then all of a sudden freaked out, for what appeared to be no good reason. He screeched with terror, his hair puffed all out and he shot right up in the air in fear and booked it out of the room. I don't know if he saw his reflection in the back of the laptop or if the blanket moved that he was lying on, but he would not come near me at all! He wandered around the house on edge, jumping and crying at every noise he heard until bed time! Poor little guy, he was freaked right out!

Today I plan on folding, folding and folding more and more laundry! I am going to do a dance session with the new game for the kinect and I might work on organizing the pantry if I am still ambitious! I am making ribs for dinner tonight and then picking up K on my way to J's for girls night tonight!

Oh and you may have noticed, I changed my background again!!


Rebekah said...

That's a great weekend! I can't wait to see No Strings Attached. I'm hoping we see it this week. Folding laundry is the worst! It's my least favorite chore.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see the no strings attached movie. I'm waiting for the hubs to get home first though. Cute background!

Shiri Briseno said...

I hope your new dance game is great, anything that is fun and has great music I'm all over it, love it! I love zumba too, I'm actually flying to San Diego in March to get certified to teach it. Happy Monday

Megan said...

I like this background! It makes me think of Easter!


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