Monday, January 16, 2012

Bachelor Link Up #2

Ben still didn't cut his hair - not that I actually expect him to do this, but it would be nice - very nice!

Why must they face soo many fears on this show? Can they not just live in a house with crazy people - is that not enough? I don't think very many people have climbed the San Fran bridge! They also didn't show how they got down from the bridge! I kind of like Emily now! Her dating story cracked me up - she was matched online with her brother!

And skiing in bikinis in San Fran? Do they ever have realistic dates? The private concert was super sweet though! I am also glad that Brittany left when she knew she didn't have feeling for Ben. I also wondered why the heck Ben hasn't given Lindzi a date in 2 weeks, she got a pity date because Brittany bailed. But the chemistry is there and they did have a great date!

I like Shawntel and wish that he had kept her around instead of Monica!

I love how much smack the girls talk and they own up to nothing. They were all pissed off about Shawntel and only Courtney had enough balls to complain about it - referring to Shawntel as "Whats-her-butt". I still don't like her and may have choked when Ben was telling his sister how sweet, kind and caring she is... wait till he watched this show back!

Jennifer's hair must not actually be red, because if it is she wears alot of the wrong clothing colors for her hair color! But Ben did say she was the best kisser! And trust me - he would know, I'm sure he's kissed them all - some more than once!

Casey S. had really bad hair during the rose ceremony. Jamie's dress was horrible... Poor Erika passed out before Ben's speech, but still didn't get a rose and then he also sent home Shawntel, Jaclyn. Don't worry Shawntel, you can probably date him when him and the winner break up!

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Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see the link-ups!

Hollie Ann said...

ah! yeah i hope he doesnt end up with courtney!!!


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