Monday, January 9, 2012

Manic Monday

M and I ended up having a great weekend!!

Friday night was nice and low key. We had dinner and then enjoyed a nice walk with dogs. We are having spring like weather, as if we have just skipped over winter - no complaints here!!

Saturday morning M worked, and while he was at work, I decided to take on a kitchen adventure! I even blogged about it on Saturday!! So be sure to check the previous post for more on that! When M came home, we decided to head to Kitchener and do some shopping. I have been looking for stuff to fill our new custom TV cabinet.

Here it is:

It is far from finished! We still need to stain it once we get our new floors and it still needs to to be filled and re-arranged. The letters are new and I LOVE them!! Oh the TV is new too!! I need to find something to put in those vases if they stay in the cabinet. We also bought a set of vases, but they are still in their box!

We stopped at Urban Barn - favorite store and we bought an egg set that came with a stainless steel egg timer! I love egg timers - reminds me of my Grandma and now I have a cute trendy one! The set also came with salt and pepper shakers and soft boiled egg holders. I am pretty sure I could furnish a house with that store! Bowring had a great sale - we bought the set of vases, place mats, as well as this place mat:

Its purple... lol this picture doesn't do it much justice - my bad! But it matches the mudroom colors bang on!

The basket is from Michaels, where I got the letters as well from the above picture! We then went out for dinner to the Beaver and Bulldog. We had never been there, but over all it was pretty good. My only complaint, which makes no sense why it bothered me soo much - was the alcoholic at the bar doing shots and drinking beer and just staring blindly.

After we got home, we decided to go over to N and K's to watch some football!! Good ol' Saints took the game! I am a Saints fan! Oh and Drew Brees looks hot in a football uniform!! I will be honest, I was very disappointed in last nights game... I expected a bit better of the Steelers - now we have to see what the Patriots can do...

On Sunday I slept in until 11:30 AM!!! Didn't help that my sleep was interrupted with M's snoring - his cold can take a hike any day now! We enjoyed a nice soak in the hot tub, had lunch and then did groceries! Yes of course groceries included a trip to Winners, where I bought a laundry basket, which I will eventually recover, because the colors are not fantastic - but it was on clearance. M bought a bat... this bat now comes with a story. Once we got home, I wanted to try it out. M told me I couldn't swing it in the house, but of course I did. He was trying to give me pointers on my swing, so we played a bit of baseball in the house with dogs toys. Now I can't wait until spring and do some batting practice. M PROMISED to take me this year!!

 We also hit up Wal-Mart, where I bought this frame - the one I have been wanting for YEARS! It has never gone on sale!

We also bought a HDMI cord so I can watch things from my laptop on my TV. I tried it last night with Tori and Dean and it worked awesome!! Now I can do slide shows easily too!! So nice having a TV capable of so much!!

We did some housework and laundry and went for a run last night! They have new paths down at the ball park, which are awesome for running!!

Tomorrow I plan on posting a Bachelor link up, where we can all link up our thoughts on The Bachelor!!

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J and A said...

We have that frame!!! Love it! :)


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