Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So What Wednesday

So it has been a while, but after the past few weeks like mine.. I am ready to unleash! Can't say I didn't warn you!

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So What if my hair is beginning to look highlighted with gray hairs... I get that it is far from trendy, but my hair dyer has gone on strike... aka my hubby! So now I will have to try this new foam product - maybe tomorrow! I did get an awesome deal on it!!

So What if the weather is crazy... I think Mother Nature may be suffering from bipolar or something... one minute its warm (like +6 degrees Celcius - yes you Southern Americans that is warm here in Canada...especially in the winter months). Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, just make up your mind! Because now today it is like -13 and snowing!

So What if my skin is still acting like hormonal teenager.... and So What if I can't find anything that works!

So What if I am pretty sure that my cats think I purchase mice for entertainment and by mice I mean the real thing. Disgusting! M and I woke up this week to a mouse squealing - who knew they made noise or THAT much noise - apparently that is what happens when your cat catches them! Although Binx has caught one before, it didn't squeal, but it also didn't lose most of its tail... Yes even more disgusting - that's not even the best of the story! I heard scratching in the corner, lifted the ottoman and dropped it quick - a mouse, right there in front of my eyes and the cats are getting into place. I actually had the hope that they would get it for good this time. I move the ottoman and the mouse is moving slow - it is injured after the morning brawl. Jazz books it down the stairs, Luz and Binx play with it. It goes down stairs. I grab a bowl and follow. I find Jazz sitting infront of the couch (she is the detector - that's it), Binx is pacing around the couch, Lux is nowhere to be found, but the mouse is squealing from under the couch. Sure enough after a few minutes of squealing, the mouse staggers out and Lux follows. I try to drop a heavy bowl on the mouse to capture the thing, sure enough I drop it on the mouse, it squeals and breaks itself free. It then enters the back basement and cannot be found! Damn It! I hate mice! I need some mean cats too.

So What if I wonder if there is a course I can put my cats in to teach them how to successfully mouse?!

So What if I made a fantastic dinner from Pinterest Monday night! I will show hubby that Pinterest is not ALL bad!!

So What if I cannot decide if I want to paint the great room/kitchen, it has only been 2 years with the current paint and I like it, I really do, I would really like to repaint the dining room. But the color I have in mind for the greatroom would be more cozy, where as now it is fresh, light and airy! Oh decisions - will you ever get any easier?

So What if I would like to find out how to purchase hotel pillows. I love them! They are always PERFECT! There must be a way. I am thinking of calling the hotel we were in last week and asking them! That may be strange, but probably not the strangest thing I have done!

So What if I secretly like the collar I made for Lily better than the one I made for Gracie! Shhh!


So What if I don't quite get this "ombre" look... don't get me wrong I like it in some colors, but in others it just looks like they need their hair dyed - that they grew their roots out.

So What if I continue to watch Teen Mom - I am sucker for punishment really. It isn't getting any easier to watch... Jenelle may need to be admitted to the psych ward, they don't wear seat belts, they yell way to much.... and following them on twitter - why? But I do? You really wouldn't think it is all that entertaining!

So What if I am hosting a give away and only 10 people have entered... hello people free stuff, easy to enter.... so go enter!! (After all you have great odd at winning!)

So What if I still wanna post some great Pinteresting finds, just in quote form... it's my blog and I will do what I want to!

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Happy Wednesday!!


Angela said...

Great quotes! Those collars are really cute! :)

Oh, How Pinteresting!

J and A said...

LOVE Lily's collar!!! So great, nice work! :) Great pins as usual. Yay for your giveaway, enter people!!!

Classy in KC said...

Once when staying at a hotel my sister liked the pillow so much that my parents just offered to buy it from them and they let us! Try just asking and I'm sure they can help you out.

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

You did have a lot to unload but that's what blogging is for :)

I am addicted to Teen Mom too! It's getting hard to watch but it's like the train wreck you just can't look away from!

Ashley said...

ok first you are SO talented - kittie collars AND a pinterest dinner?! and tackling your own hair! amaze!

And secondly - teen mom! i am addicted! haha

Elle Sees said...

i was with ya with the grey hair and highlights. that was me until today. i used the foam a couple of weeks ago and tried doing it myself, and it gave me ombre hair--not a cute look on me. why must i have gone grey early?
ps new follower alert. hope you'll stop by.

Jessica and Stephan said...

Ok, so you want a weather difference? Here in Calgary, we had a DEEP FREEZE last day over-night last week it hit -49 degrees C. Today, just under a week is +5 degrees C! Now THAT is some crazy mother nature for you!

Eileen said...

I LOVE Teen Mom! No shame in that :) Also you can buy pillows from hotels. Each hotel usually has a place you can order them from - just google


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