Monday, January 16, 2012

Spend Less - Save More Weekend!

Sorry for the late blog post today - I have been busy making:

(Gracie didn't REALLY want to model for me... so this is all I could manage getting... brat!)

Yup! Gracie girl got a new collar! Don't worry Lily is getting one too!!

I have been trying to find new collars for the girls and then decided I would attempt to make one. Granted this one is my first and is a little rougher looking... Practice makes perfect!! I hit up Lens Mills for some supplies, which included collar material, fabric of my choice, D hook and a buckle... Nice and lightweight, super cute and affordable!! Will I be making more? Heck YES! Anyone want a dog collar!?

While I was at Lens Mills - I found this beauty:

Regularly $400 for ONLY $40... so that chandelier I bought for the hot tub that needed to be slightly modified will no longer need to be, because this will be going there instead! This picture really doesn't do it justice, I will take a picture once it is hung! GREAT deal though!!

Then I went to Reitman's because they were having a save 70% and then an additional 30% sale, I figured I could use some work pants at that price. Although I didn't find work pants - I found these:

Yes, 2 formal dresses - one with pockets and 2 sweaters all for only $44. I couldn't NOT buy them!!

Although these pics don't do them justice either - you get the idea!

Awesome deals!!

All while M was at work... when he was supposed to be home - so logic told me to go shopping!! He wasn't upset and loved all my buys!

Sunday we made a budget for the great room/kitchen/foyer renovation and a new shower stall for M's bathroom. This renovation will include flooring, a wall taken down between the foyer and great room, which I lose a closet (but that's why we bought a wardrobe in the mudroom), all trimming necessary. If there is money left over in the budget we will buy new kitchen hardware and shutter blinds for the great room. Well it looks like we will fall somewhat under budget, since we will be about $250 under our flooring budget! We went to Costco and found our flooring!! We are in love and hope to get it on Friday! We brought home a box and LOVE it. It is hand scrapped laminate, but looks like tongue and groove old flooring! I don't know how else to describe it. I will post a pic at some point! We also bought more Contigo Water Bottles - LOVE them!

Tonight I am hosting girl's night and will be serving popcorn and fruit smoothies! Semi healthy right!? Anyone else ready for The Bachelor?!

Happy Monday!!


J and A said...

SO cute! Cruz is gonna place an order for sure!
And look at all yoru awesome deals! Nice work lady!

Natalie said...

Awesome deals! I love the collar too!

Kae* said...

The collar looks great :)

Mrs. G said...

I love the collar! Super cute!


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