Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday!

Today is a pretty boring day! It is raining and dreary outside!

I just hopped out of the shower and all I can smell is the sweet aroma of my Moroccan Oil! Google it - get it - amazing stuff!

One Tree Hill - a bit confusing at first, but soo happy it is back!!

Revenge - great as usual.

Jog followed by a soak in the hot tub with hubby - excellent! Nothing better than pushing each other to go that extra length and then rewarding ourselves with a nice relaxing soak.

PVR to tape the People's Choice Awards - life saver - haha not really, but I am grateful! I got caught up on that this morning!

Sleeping in bed alone - sucks - I ended up calling the dogs up! Yes, that is right, I slept with 2 dogs instead of my husband. He decided he WANTED to sleep on the couch because he is sick. He thought that laying flat was making him feel worse, so he slept propped up. He didn't sleep alone either though... the cats joined him! I do miss him! Since we have been married, we have always slept under the same roof. He has slept in the spare room after his shoulder surgery, but I am pretty sure that is it! I sure hope he feels better soon ;(

I love going to the post box and finding magazine and another great GIVE AWAY coming soon!!! Stay tuned!! I've lined up some great things soo far for 2012!!

My guess as to my sisters baby gender is getting stronger and stronger... soo strong I might be able to make something special soon!

Date night at home with the hubby... consists of some Swiss Chalet take out!!

I am also looking forward to Thursday night TV!

I think it is about that time to go give myself a toe nail painting!

This is my 400th post! Crazy!

Someone's been playing with her new camera:
This is the look you get when you interupt/wake up cuddling cat and dog... they swear they hate each other....

Look Jazzy looks somewhat happy! This really is a good camera!

But Binx looks miserable... the flash may have woke her up! Opps!


Sarah said...

Did you name your cat "Binx" from the movie Hocus Pocus?? :)

Fash Boulevard said...

I seriously can not get enough of Revenge. I'm totally addicted. I hope the weather clears up soon. Adore this post. Thanks for sharing, love. xo

Anonymous said...

Love the one of the dog and cat!

Mrs. G said...

Hi! I am a new follower :) I am enjoying your blog, as I stumbled upon it today! I am also a HUGE revenge fan, but nobody I know watches it! Glad I found someone who does.


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