Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor Recap Tuesday - FIRST LINK UP

Soo pumped for the first Bachelor link up! Now we can see exactly what everyone is thinking when it comes to Benny Boy!

Ben is obviously far from good looking! They showed pictures of him when he was younger and his hair was short - so what the hell is with the long, frizzly, straggly, middle-parted hair. I am still hoping that he will cut his hair throughout the season - maybe one of the crazy girls can suggest doing it for cancer or something? He would improve is look massively!

Now - let's break it down.

Kacie B - she is cute, she is Southern and I am pretty sure I like her! She seems very well-natured and not AS catty as some of the rest of them... aka Jenna/Blakely/Monica. I also loved her outfit for her date! Their first date was sweet, although the baton twirling was a bit much!

Monica - still don't like her.

Jenna - glad she is gone! She was crazy and should be on suicide watch! She knew she wasn't gonna get picked so why in the world was she asking if this was real at the end?! Did she think she was still in bed crying!?

I wish I could remember who was making comments about a horse face because they definitely couldn't talk! I find that a lot of them have horse faces. Don't get me wrong, some of them are super cute!

Blakely - did you really have your boobs hanging out in front of a bunch of children? I mean heck I guess that was nothing - Ben stripped in front of them! After all they asked for a sexy dance - how old were these kids? Why was there soo much kissing!? I wouldn't want my kids to be apart of that! Also - why the hell do you feel so entitled to stealing time with Ben after you got a rose?! That bothers me!

Emily seems very sweet - but we didn't get to know her very well yet.

Courtney - Oh Courtney - you seem VERY FAKE. I actually find her very hard to watch. She is pretty and that is pretty much all she has happening for her as far as I am concerned.

I also can't seem to stand the drama thus far. I see throughout the previews that it only gets worse... but really!? You all signed yourself up for this, you knew other girls would be dating Ben - not to mention you decided to stay beyond the first night after knowing it was BEN! 

Oh and I don't think Ben kissed enought girls last night... insert sarcasm here!

Lindzi - is the one I really like! I don't care if she rode in on a horse... heck she should ride out on one with Ben too!

Nicki - I think I liked her too.

Overall I am glad he finally got rid of Jenna - it would have been a long season with her kicking around! Although the previews demonstrate that it was not the last of the tears!

I think I might have to make notes during the show so I can keep track of all the things I wanted to mention.

Link up your own Bachelor Recap below!!


Raven said...

yay I linked up! (and put a link on the bottom on my post for others to do so also). Can't wait to read yours!

Gina said...

i agree with liking Lindzi (even if her name is f-ed up) and Nicki!!! I wish he would have kept Anna (from Detroit?--the girl that walked past him at introductions). I thought guys liked the chase, which proves Ben is too easy.

Bree said...

lol... i have these on the DVR. I and you and Raven just saved me hours. THANK YOU. **new follower**

Courtney said...

Great idea for a link up! Can't wait to read :)


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