Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Doesn't that title just make you wanna jump right into this interesting post?!

I think I need to think of some more creative titles!

Let's start with the random happenings...

  • SNOW - it is here and I am ready for it to go! I know it is Winter and all, I may had admitted at one point it was pretty while it was falling, but I also admitted how happy I was to not have any...
  • COLD - it is COLD out. Like -15 degrees Celsius, feels like -23... I see how easy it is to get confused by what I say, as I said it could be cold, with no snow all winter long - NOT this cold, just like -1 to -5 tops... I am not sure where you got COLD and SNOW from - that was definitely not in the orders.
  • My cats really did it yesterday... we are talking destruction. I initially thought they were scratching my stairs or rug, but then realized they were playing harmlessly (so I thought) in a crunch laundry bag. That was until it sounded like the whole front of my house was collapsing yesterday - really it was just all the dining room chairs, my giraffes, phone falling over. It turns out that one cat got stuck in the bag and the other one was stuck in the laundry bags long handles... kind of like this one, but smaller and square...

Umbra Crunch Bird Cotton Canvas Round Container

 So what does one do when they are stuck? Panic and run (around the dining room table?), while attached to such bag, with such cat stuck inside... which knocked everything over, which then caused more panic... They finally got loose from the bag and were running on the spot in the kitchen, missed the foyer stairs to make a quick exit to the basement and took out a bench... their tails were bigger than their bodies I think. Luckily nothing was broken and they eventually calmed down. However there is no such thing as playing harmlessly - this I know now!

I am linking up with the newly engaged C Mae for:
This picture is one of my favorites, as I am sure I have mentioned before! I don't know why but I find pictures of hands to be soo beautiful. Maybe it is the strength they represent in a relationship, in life, in everything we do.

I also realized I need to take some new pics of my rings. That is one thing our photographer didn't do. But I have got a camera and some skill, so I shall play!!

We started up Girl's Night again last night, which was GREAT!!

Now onto the dirt I watched last night. Yes I am referring to The Bachelor. Doesn't this look like a drama filled season?

Jenna - the "blogger" - not loving her right now... seems a bit emotional - maybe unstable?! I am not even sure I want to read her blog... she might have given us all a bad name!

Amber - aka the Canadian that didn't make the cut - didn't represent Canada very well.

Was it Samantha - who also didn't make the cut - that blew Ben off during her introduction?! I don't know that her plan panned out..

Lindzi C - wasn't sure about her at first, but now I kinda like her! Not to mention she came in on a horse..

Lindsie J - a bit over-the-top.

Monica - don't like her ONE bit - she seems like trouble!

Brittney aka the girl who brought her Grandma - she seems sweet, wasn't too sure at first, but we will see! 

I agree with Ben - I am liking most of the brunettes that made the cut!

This season looks a bit messed up!? The tears were a bit much last night - thank you Jenna and I am sure you had an "ugly cry" on to make matters worse, but don't worry, we didn't see you, we just had to listen to you.

What did you think?!


♥Jess said...

Agreed 100% in your thoughts on last nights show! SO MANY tears! Ready for next week!

CMae said...

There is always beauty in hand photographs I agree with you! They tell us so much! :) Thank you for linking up!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

such an adorable ring! I loved reading your story :) this was such a fun link up! Happy I found your cute blog through it!

star said...

your rings are very pretty!

Cait said...

love your ring girl :) xo

Sheila said...

Love your ring! It's stunning! It was fun meeting up with you through the linkup! :)


Meg {henninglove} said...

ok bachelor re-cap i love you wrote about this too because i did as well. i liked that brittney brought her grandma that was very sweet. and jenna please don't start crying on the very first night.. it will make for a very long season indeed.


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