Monday, January 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Today I have a case of the Mondays - not my typical awesome Mondays, but the true blue Monday. It actually started yesterday and I woke up today thinking "Today is a new day, those are yesterdays feelings". I made a few phone calls and turns out today has a few of yesterdays feelings after all, as well as some of it's own. I'm babbling...

Friday night M and I went up to see my sister and Brandon. They are both continuing to do better. Either way it's going to be a tough couple of weeks ahead, with Amy recovering and Brandon being in the NICU. However, they are both super strong and I know they will both pull through this struggle. I managed to get some great shots though as Amy held him!

10 toes!

Getting Amy's milk for the first time!

Reaching out for Mom - hand on her heart already!

He has the family chin already!!!

I could keep on posting... but that is enough for today!!

Today, my sister is being released and they will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House - such a blessing, as they provide a room to stay in for the families who have little ones in the hospital. They provide breakfast and dinner as well and they are very reasonable with how much they charge at night.

We had a nice soak in the hot tub during the snow storm on Saturday, did some groceries and gift shopping and then M and I went out for dinner together - it was nice to just have some time alone, as we have been busy with my family for most of the week! After dinner we went and hung out with N and K!

Also on Saturday, one of my best friends had her baby!! I can't even begin to say how excited I am for them!! She had a sweet baby boy as well! I was right about another baby - maybe I am getting better! He weighed only 5 pounds 15 ounces!! They named him Wyatt.

Sunday was a lazy day. M did an oil change on my car and I watched New Years Eve. We got nailed with snow this weekend, but it should be gone by Thursday as we are supposed to get positive temperatures again!

Overall, it was a pretty low-key weekend!!


Meg {henninglove} said...

ill be praying for your sister and her son! what a blessing it is indeed for the ronald mcdonald house! sounds like a great weekend for you. what did you think of new years eve? are you ready for the bachelor tonight?

Rebekah said...

Brandon is so sweet! I'll be sure to pray for him. That's wonderful they can stay at the Ronald McDonald house! I've been wanting to see New Year's Eve. Did you think it was good?

Jessica and Stephan said...

I'm so glad to hear that your sister and nephew are continuing to do well! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Already they are so blessed to have a strong family and support system around them :)

Hilary Lane said...

I know I'm a little behind, but what a blessing! I hope they're doing well!


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