Friday, May 25, 2012



Today I am linking up with Ashley for some letters!

Dear Husband: I love you. I also wanted to thank you for calling me your wickedly awesome wife for finding your lip chap in the driveway, and for helping you practice pitching. I am also happy that your shower now has 2 sides up, now we just need the door. This is going to happen soon. I hope you have an awesome ball game tonight, just like last week, but maybe your team will pull their sh*t together and win again!

Dear Lux: You are pretty much the sweetest kitty EVER... well aside from your sisters, who would be jealous. Thanks for your cuddles, they are much appreciated!

Dear Lily: So after taking you to the vet yesterday, I am happy to see that you are no longer losing weight and that you have in fact gained. I'm not sure how happy I am that you gained, but it means you are healthy and bouncing back! However the vet says I don't have to keep catering to you now! I also love how much spunk you have back, although sometimes it is a bit cheeky!! Did you really have to take turns with Gracie destuffing your weasel? Could you at least clean up the stuffing? No? You think the cats do a good job? Only until I move the couch! I love you anyways!!

Dear Hair: If you could please figure out if you are going to be curly or straight, I would appreciate it. One or the other, not both! I get it has been humid lately, but we are not complaining. A bit of co-operation is greatly appreciated!

Dear Skin: Remember when used to get along? Remember how easy life was. I get it, things have changed, but we didn't HAVE to! I have been trying to get you some sun safely, and it seems to be helping a bit. Let's just be friends again!

Dear Followers: Thank you soo much for the continued support here on Life As I Know It. Welcome to any new readers, be sure to find me on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook too!! I hope everyone has a safe and great weekend!!


J and A said...

Love your letters! YAY Lily, so happy!! Our faces must be friends..they are boycotting us. Have a great weekend lady!!

Nikki said...

My hair and your hair sound similar! I hate the way the humidity messes with it! Annoying.

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Thanks for the follow!

Al said...

I am SO happy that Lily is feeling better! And along with Alison, my face is on boycott too, for sure.
Happy Weekend, lady!

Cait said...

fabulous letters!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

omgosh that kitten!? can i have her?!!!! found you via the link up xo


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