Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 24 Weekend Recap

Wow, that was busy, fantastic weekend and for me, it is still not over!!! I don't go back to work until tomorrow!! Saweeeet!!!

Friday night: I survived ball without my partner in crime, but made sure she got a play by play of the game, although it sucked! The boys got their bums handed to them. I hope I didn't screw up the score keeping too much, although there wasn't much to miss with only 11 runs by them and 27 for the other team!

Saturday: M had to work, but I started tidying up the house because we were having friends over for dinner. We went into town to pick up groceries and hit up the garden centre for some mulch. M ended up getting a medical call just before our company came, so that always leaves a rush on things, but we managed, luckily our company was a fellow firefighter, so the timing worked out well! M & J came over and the evening went well.

Sunday: We slept in and then headed straight outside to work in the garden! The back garden is one bag short of mulch and the front garden - we didn't even get that far. I worked around the patio and then decided to help M put mulch in. Bad idea. I was getting itchier and itchier, which made me more cranky than ever in the heat. Luckily I had taken a Benadryl before heading outside, because after the stupid wheel barrel fell on me full of mulch I had given up and headed inside only to find hives up all my arms. So I am not sure what exactly it was, but I am done in the garden!! We also have one part of the shower doors up!! Yes, my friends that is progress! M and I were having another dinner party that evening, so we were getting things ready to go and you can guess that pager went blaring with another medical call. He was back just in time to shower before K and S with Wy-guy came over. Another fantastic evening!

Monday M had to work - it is the one long weekend he works every year, just so happens it was really nice this year. So I decided to take in some of the fantastic weather and soaked up some sun and then got ready for dinner with C and S, who were down from North Bay!! Fantastic evening with drinks and dinner on the patio!

Today I am headed up to visit K in the hospital and I will be picking up Lily's new meds.

The weekend was filled with awesome weather with summer temperatures and no rain up until last night. It was a perfect weekend filled with friends, family time, great food, great company and awesome weather! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

As far as The Bachelorette?

Ryan - I like him, but can't help but to wonder if it is an act.

Charlie - Still like him, he is honest and to me she needs to credit him for it.

Jef - I am not loving him.. you are there to court Emily, not be courted by Emily.

Joe - glad he is gone

Why the heck is the guy with the egg still there?

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J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend. J suffers from allergies really bad too. Not fun. Lucky you for having today off!!! I'm sleepy.


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