Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Love on Wednesday

I actually have soo many things I am loving, despite all the struggles we have been dealt as of lately.

I love this little lady:

I know I mention this a lot, but I am not even sure that words meet my feelings. She really is like a child to me! I love Gracie too, just the same, but my heart has been even heavier lately with all that has gone on with Lily!
* Mini update on Lily - she is eating!!! Regularly!!! Her energy levels have increased dramatically! She is back to wrestling with Daddy and Gracie and playing fetch. We have been easing her back into walking and we made it our furthest yet. I take her in tomorrow to see how her blood levels are! Praying she is out of the woods!!* 

I love my husband. As stressed as I have been about everything lately, he comes home from work and just eases my mind. Between the dogs, the cats and him alone, I am soo blessed. They are my life and I would be a mess without them all!

I am loving that M starts up his men's league baseball on Friday! I am looking forward to spending time with the girls on the bench and watching!!

I am also loving that this little boy:
is getting baptized this weekend!! He has come soo far and is doing amazingly well! I am looking forward to spending time with family to celebrate this little miracle!!

I am loving the beautiful weather we are about to receive!! Double digits that start with 2's - I won't complain!! I opened some windows before I left this morning!!

I am loving this idea for our bonus/toy room (one day):
Pinned Image

I mentioned on Monday that we made these for Girl's Night and they were AMAZING and now I am wanting more!!
Pinned Image

I wonder if this actually works and is that easy, because I need a hair do for Sunday!!
Pinned Image

Love this outfit, minus the scarf, because I am not sure about wearing scarfs in the summer, seems like a faux-pas.
Pinned Image

I have been stunned lately by how ignorant some people can be:
Pinned Image

Sooo true:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Also a BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT is going out to my father-in-law today!!! Looking forward to celebrating later with him!!
Happy Wednesday Friends!!


Jessica said...

So Happy your girl is doing better!!

J and A said...

Love that outfit, I wanna try that twist hair trick too!! SO glad Lily is feeling better!! :) YAY.

Rachel said...

Let me know if that hair trick works! So glad little one is doing better! :) Happy Wednesday to you!

Sugarr2518 said...

I'm glad to hear that your doggie is getting better! Pets can become just like family. I know what you mean because our dog, Lucy, means so much to the hubby and I:) Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

The outfit is too cute and I love the quotes!! Have fun at the baptism...what a blessing!

Arielle said...

precious pictures!! and i wonder if that curl trick works too!! :) new follower!

Shana said...

Hello there :)

Thanks so much for visiting me! I am so excited that you are also from Southern Ontario, you are so right about the few and far between. Can't wait to read more of your blog!


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