Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome Back Wednesday

Welcome back Wednesday! Soo happy you have finally made it back, which means the LONG weekend is fast approaching, although all my weekends are long - no complaints here!

Here is what I am loving:

- I am loving my BFF Hairy Carrie!!! Happy Birthday Friend!! I wish we were closer. I hope Steve-O spoils you rotten!!
An oldie goldie

Love and Miss you like crazy!!!

- My hard-working hubby - he installed another wall in the new shower, so now just the middle piece needs to go in and the glass doors! I am getting closer and closer to getting my own bathroom back! I say this because I have a shower routine and M has messed with it twice now! When M has a shower, he leaves the water coming out of the shower head, where as I turn off the shower head and it comes out the tap when I am done. So when I unexpectantly turn on the water and my head gets wet, I get a wee-bit frustrated. And to make matters better - he told me I did it to him once and then realized that it was himself! Eiyiyi... Men...

- My sweet kitties and dogs! As usual! But yesterday I was sitting out in the sun and the dogs decided they would sun tan too. Lily, who has a shaved belly right now decided she should roll over on her back and tan. What a ham! Gracie does it all the time, but when Lily did it, it just made me laugh!

- I hate that almost all of my shows are doing thier season finale already!!! I know it is the middle of May, but seriously... Private Practice had me in tears last night, 90210 left me hanging, as did Hart Of Dixie. Geez..

- I love my new running shoes, but I hate the new blisters, but just on one foot - go figure! I have recieved a few tips on how to remedy this.

- Our co-ed baseball starts tonight and I am PUMPED!!!

- I finally finished editing my sisters photos!! Yay!! Here is one of my two favorite little people:

- I made the Avalanche Bars yesterday, they are a good change, but in all honesty, I do not LOVE them! I am not a huge peanut butter fan. I like peanut butter cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut butter and coconut, etc. It is not even a strong peanut butter flavor. I dunno, they are good though.

Pinned Image

- I love this look, but I think I would need thick hair and my hair is fine, but I have a lot of it! 
Pinned Image

- With a fast approaching deadline, I need to get organized! I wonder if this idea would work, instead of throwing them all on M's desk!
Pinned Image

- Love this outfit, minus the scarf, because scarfs in the summer just annoy me! Especially with shorts and tanks!! You can call me a crazy Canadian!
Pinned Image

- I NEED to get back in my sewing room. It has been months! I still need to learn how to do this:
Pinned Image

- Now for some words that inspire me this week:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday friends!!


Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your friend!! :)

Amanda said...

Happy birthday to your friend! Definitely lots to be loving in your life right now :)

agalandherdog said...

New running shoes are the best!

J and A said...

Wea 2 pairs of socks, always works for me :) Great quotes. :) And nice work Mike!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your friend!!!!! Just getting back into blogging after several months of not being able to cause of my last job :( booo! and catching up on your posts!! xox

Sarah said...

Can I just have your closet? If it's anything as cute as this picture, then you must have the BEST clothes!


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