Friday, May 18, 2012

Finale Friday

So has anyone else noticed that TV is beginning to dwindle down for the summer or is it just me!? It seems that this past week quite a few of my shows are airing season finales. Which does not impress me for soo many reasons. How am I supposed remember what happened months ago come September/October?  Although summer gets pretty busy around here, so I will be happy to not have to miss one of my shows!

Wednesday nights is our co-ed ball - which we started this past Wednesday and we lost... but it's okay because we had fun doing it!

Friday nights M has his baseball - they are doing soo well this season!! Although tonight I need to keep score by my lonesome because my partner in crime is busy baking a baby for hopefully another week or two in the hospital. I sent popcorn her way today in hope that she would still imagine our time that is not being spent together in lieu of tonight's game!

Now let's get back to the TV talk...

Hart Of Dixie: What is a girl to do? I kind of like Wade more than George. I'm not Lemon's biggest fan either! Not to mention her name.. Lemon? Really?

90210: Who is going to knock up Silver? And the car accident?! Dixon? Whaaaat?!

Private Practice: I am not sure there was one episode I got through without tears. They dealt with soo many REAL subjects this year. I think Addison should choose Sam obviously! I think Sheldon and Amelia should just date already. Pete and Violet - quit the drama and just love each other! Charlotte, Cooper and Mason - adorable little family! Soo glad Mason has accepted Charlotte, and I loved their moment in this week's episode with him calling her "Mama".

Revenge: Um sad moment when Sammy dies and I am glad Emily and Jack kissed. Not sure where next week's episode is going to turn, with Nolan being caught.

Grey's Anatomy: Okay is it just me or was last night's show graphic? I mean I work in health care, blood really doesn't phase me, but the snaps and cracks... I am even used to that with M's shoulder.. but yuck! So who is going to be left next season? Why did they have to kill off Lexie? And Mark - did he die?

See... my life involves quite a bit of TV... maybe taking a break is a good idea. But there is still The Bachelorette, and Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant - why the hell do I watch this? I am not sure!

I bought a bag of Lily's new dog food yesterday. Luckily the switch should be easy, as I am sticking with the same company (Purina Pro Plan) and the same flavor - Chicken and Rice, but this one is obviously not weight management, because we don't have a weight problem anymore (YaY). However, this food has a lot less Copper in it. I didn't want to put her on prescription food, because Lily and Grace eat the same food. That wouldn't be very cost efficient.

So M and I decided to splurge last night... we bought a pool. No it's not an in ground that we dream of, but it is something we can lounge in and cool down in. Oh and it was on SALE... I saved $50!!! Essentially, it is a kiddy pool for adults!!! I am looking forward to it!! It should work well for White Trash Day too - more to come on that another day!

I am looking forward to a summer full of backyard fire pits, soaking up the sun in the new pool, spending days at the lake, a road trip out west, time with my sweet little family and friends!

Happy LONG weekend friends!!! Stay safe, have fun!!!


Leigh said...

The only one of those shows I watch is Grey's Anatomy. So sad that they killed Lexie off....I liked her! What do you think of the Avery/Keptner pairing?

Leigh said...
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eryka {from abcde} said...

I wish 90210 was on netflix I havent seen the new season and I want to so bad. Oh and I want to watch Revenge like sooo bad. Also, I haven't watched greys yet but I googled it and im soooo mad!!!!!!

Lori Spencer said...

We got one of those pools last year! It was worth EVERY PENNY! :-) Happy tanning! Love, your newest follower!

Meg {henninglove} said...

yup totally have been noticing it and is it bad that i am slightly bummed out about it, now i don't know what to do in the evenings sometimes when my favorites shows were on. well i guess i do go outside because it is summer!

Victoria said...

i feel the exact same way about hart of dixie! i love wade and zoe together because they are different yet similar. lemon is such a witch!! lol

happy friday!

Jessica said...

I knew someone was going to die - had no idea it'd be Lexie! And if Mark dies, I'm boycotting the show! Hahaha

Jenny said...

I agree with you... I like Wade a little more then George! And I think they could have come up with a better name for Lemon! Have you noticed that she is almost always wearing yellow? or is it just me?

And yes Grey's was very graphic! And intense! I had to look aways more then once and I normally don't have to do that! I think we are left hanging about Mark! I think he will survive though!

Happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on Hart of Dixie. I was so bummed out by the season finale. I'm not sure I can wait til October until the show starts again. Seems like so long!

Laura Darling said...

Oh my goodness Private Practice!!! I can't wait until next season!!


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