Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Tid-Bits

  • I am still without the palm trees I went looking for.
  • I am still without the black mulch that has been sold out for 2 weeks. I pray it comes in soon!
  • I am enjoying watching The Client List - thanks for recommending it Alison!
  • Oh and P.S Alison, if you could let Cruz know that Lily and Gracie say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! They would very much appreciate it!!
  • The Bachlorette: I love Arie!! I think they are soo stinking cute together. Not sure that I love Ryan as much, but Sean is my second runner! I am glad they smashed the egg that the one guy was carrying. Oh and what the heck was she wearing on her feet during the rose ceremony?
  • I got a notice in the mail today that M needs to pay his speeding ticket! Opps!! We obviously forgot about that and should get that taken care of before going out west!!
  • I stopped in to see K this morning after my doctor's appointment. I think she needs to hurry up and get home! I miss being able to hang out whenever! Baby comes Thursday!!
  • I also met up with my sister today while in London and got some face time with H and B!!
  • Oh and there is nothing like passing the same car 6 times on the 401!!  That may make me sound a little crazy, but it wasn't me, I had my cruise control on!!
  • My peony bushes are flowering!!! This makes me very happy!! It also reminds me of my Grandma!!
I hope everyone is having a great day!!!


J and A said...

Ah Cruz thanks lily and grace!!! Glad you like the client list! Good hey!! I like Arie best too. I think she was wearing combat boots??! I dunno but it was terrible. And we saw her green panties twice!!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. we did the 'multiple car passing' thing too! we drove down to alabama for the weekend ... 11 hrs ... I guess we were bound to pass a car multiple times.


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