Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's Up Wednesday?

So yesterday didn't quite go as planned.

I did go and visit K, in fact I sprung her from her 4 walls. She hadn't been outside in a week - Poor girl! So we went to Pizza Hut and indulged in some lunch buffet - YUM. Then we hit up Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity and the mall.  K walked that mall with determination, but it didn't work - no labor. We tried! Come on Baby T!!!

My sister called me while I was with K and said she was bringing Brandon up to the hospital. She had spent the night before with him in Emerg because he was breathing funny and had spiked a fever. However, he was not feeling better yesterday, so she brought him to Sick Kids. So I decided to meet up with her and give some snuggles to the little man.

Poor little man was just not feeling soo hot!

He is feeling better now after some IV fluids and medicine and was sent home early this morning. Let me just say that although the ER doc that we had was a bit of a putz and the nurses were a bit crazy, I could NEVER work in Pediatric Emerg. Little kids being sick (and it was busy) just breaks my heart.

So I had gotten home around 9:30 and was beat.

I had M's Mom run up and grab Lily's meds and they only gave her the hepato-support, so now I have to go back up tomorrow! UGH! But I will take Lily up to get weighed as well, although I am pretty sure she hasn't lost anymore because she is eating like a champ! However, I just spoke to our vet and he said Pfizer has paid their portion, which cut our bill in half essentially and they have waived any possible interest and are allowing us to pay as we can, which is awesome when a $4500 vet bill pops up on your porch.

I am loving our vet clinic and as frustrating as this whole process has been, it could have been soo much worse, but we have been blessed with amazing care and generosity.

I am loving the weather that we are getting! Couldn't ask for much better!!

I am loving sweet Baby Brandon and I hope he continues to feel better!

I am loving this cat that broke into M's drawer:

Sporting the "I'm totally busted"look or the "You can't see me"

She would NOT look at me and I was using my crappy phone camera to make matters worse!

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday friends!!!


Jessica said...

Aww, hope the little guy is feeling better!!

J and A said...

Poor B, hope he feels better soon. :( Love that quote. :) Glad Pfizer is paying some of that bill, youch.

thecoffeehouse said...

4500. gulp.
honestly though, we're probably close to that by now ... but that's including everything that Sherm's been through in the last year. and this morning he has a rash! Yay!

Laura Darling said...

Hope Brandon is on the mend soon! Poor little guy!

agalandherdog said...

Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon and that's good that Pfizer is helping with the vet bills. What a nightmare!


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