Monday, May 28, 2012


Today is HOT and when I say hot, we are talking 33 degrees, but feel like 38 with the humidity, which in an Americans eyes would be 91 degrees Fahrenheit, feels like 100!!!


Our weekend came and went too quickly, since we still have soo much to do before this coming weekend.

Friday night: M had ball, they lost again. It was retarded... but I am over it! 24 - 15 loss. M did a great job pitching though.

Saturday: We were up early and off to the farm to gut the kitchen, and when I say gut, I mean out with the old and it was OLD! The kitchen is now bearing the walls down to the studs. I can't wait to see the new kitchen!! The girls enjoyed a run to the back of the farm when I took the tractor to the back of the farm. I got my first deer fly bite and swelled up instantly. I now have a purple knee cap! They were pooched! I ended up spraying them down with the hose to cool them down and they just laid there and took it all in! I helped as much as I could, but still ended up paying for it later. Thank you allergies... NOT. I was a mess come 9 PM. We were supposed to go to a buck and doe that night, but I was not the best company and M was beat.

They do love each other!!

Sunday: M finished the shower!!! YAY!!!! You read that right!! We just have to trim it out and figure out the 2 inch gap around the shower, but I think we might eventually do a mosaic tile, but for now, just put some temporary trim. We went shopping, in search for some palm trees for my planters and came out empty handed! No one had any!

Today: I am trying to figure out some planning for the weekend, I will spill the details when it is all said and done. I am sipping on my first "Vitamin Water" - not bad actually!

I have soo many little things to get done, and we are running out of time in a hurry!

Soo tired, but still cute!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Sound like a busy - but productive - weekend!

J and A said...

I want hot!!! Vitamin water... I am intrigued!


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