Tuesday, November 26, 2013

24 Weeks

How Far Along:
24 weeks - November 17 - 23, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

A Cantaloupe!

Baby is now considered viable and medical intervention would be done at this point if baby was to come early. But Baby V is staying put until the beginning of March - or so I keep reminding him or her.

Lungs are developing and the baby knows up from down

Maternity Clothes?
   So I have this one maternity shirt to bum around the house in and I can honestly say it cracks me up, as it is getting to short and sometimes my belly show's at the bottom, yet it's long, but as my belly grows it's pulling it out more taking away the length. M finds it's rather funny, so I've demoted it to a bedtime shirt! 
Stretch Marks?
I think it is a stretch mark, but I am not too concerned! I will keep applying lotion.
We will find out in March!
Not off to a great start. I think I got a full nights rest once this week. 

Baby Purchases This Week:
  I think I ordered curtains for the nursery, hopefully they are the right color, we will see when they get in. Turns out they emailed me and said they are no longer available!! Soo disappointed!! So after searching for something similar, I found a second set that I like, we will just have to put black out curtains on the back, which is easy enough. 

I also tried to order the crib bumper, but I have no clue when it will come in. They said they would contact me when it becomes available... If I don't hear by them by January I will order it off the American site and ship it to a PO box in the US and pick up when we go for our babymoon! 

I ordered the crib skirt as well this week. That pretty much covers most of the items I needed as far as the crib goes, now I just need to make the quilt! 

I do need to order a mattress and get new handles for the dressers. 

Made this Week:
 Just crocheted away. 
   Um Rice Krispie squares are amazing. I will be making more of those!! Aversions have remained the same, still can't handle eggs, or apple juice. 

I feel like the baby is getting more and more active, probably as the baby gets bigger, the movements are just stronger and I am able to feel more.  But the baby has been showing off with kick shows nightly and M and I have been loving it! 

I think I have distinguished the difference between kicks and punches too!! 

The reflux is no fun. Tums have become my best friend. Other than the unpleasant GI symptoms I have now, I have felt pretty good this week. I can't sit in one position for long without my back hurting, but that's easy to fix. 

The nursery is painted!!! Just a few little things left to touch up. 

The furniture is at the farm and M has put the first coat on everything!! 

The diaper pail and diaper bag came in the mail this week!! 
Belly Button?

Best Moment of the Week?
  Getting all the furniture out and off to the farm to be painted because this means I am one step closer to being able to be up there and organizing!! 

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
  Um there have been a few this week, but by the end of them both I just ended up more annoyed than I should have been. The shopping this week I think were the main culprits! 
Bump Pic:
I find when the baby is sitting high, I look a lot more pregnant like this picture.
Apparently my tan has completely vanished!!
Looking Forward To:
My appointment this week!! The doctor is getting a few questions this week! And having the furniture done!! 


Katie Jeanne said...

You look so adorable! Enjoy this special time and hopefully the GI issues go away. I can't wait to see what your nursery looks like when it is done :)

Eryka said...

oh my gosh i couldn't handle eggs or apple juice during my first trimester! I can now thanksfully. I LOVE APPLE JUICE! haha!

WinterBenson said...

Reflux is the worst. I hope you feel better! We went on a babymoon to the Mayan Riviera, it was great but too hot for me while I was pregnant, so I didn't do anything but relax, which was great!



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