Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October To-Do Check Up/ November To-Do

Before we get to lists, note that I am combining the two posts today because as I mentioned November is pretty much a write off as far as getting much done, so I'm trying to remain realistic with what we can accomplish. M is in fire training for the first two weekends, so it will be hard to accomplish  much at those times, which leaves us 2 weekends, but not whole weekends because busy season is on with the buisness - which means they start working Saturdays!

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October To-Do List
Maxine - To Do list
We almost tackled everything on the list last month! Just a few things we didn't get around to!

- shred old bills - I know there will still be more in the filing cabinet!
- make bill binder
- bring in bassinet 
- take table out of sewing room - done
- set up bed in sewing room - done
- pick Grey paint color - done! Nursery colors are officially picked!
- clean hot tub - done
- put glass wear away
- wash baby stuff Sue gave us - this was not a priority after the flea outbreak, I'd rather all baby stuff to stay safe tucked away!! I will end up washing it when I wash all the rest of the baby stuff at this point.
- bring up bassinet bedding - although I only ended up finding one part of it and need to buy the rest!
- make back basement cat ready
- move cat litters to the back basement - they aren't loving the transition, but I am!
- pick a color for nursery furniture 
- paint nursery - ceiling is done!!
- clear out nursery - done, aside from the furniture that's staying in there
- paint nursery furniture 
- go through the rest of the basement bins - I've done 2!
- clean office 
- close the pool
- cut back gardens/trees - done aside from the trees!!
- put up kitchen back splash - we have actually decided to hire this done, as we found someone within the village that will hopefully do it and he can have it done waay quicker than M!
- finish kitchen hardware - there is still only 3 left to finish
- buy fabric for baby quilt 
- start baby quilt 
- start crocheting baby blanket - started!!
- figure out home for stand alone mirror - I think we will incorporate this into the new bathroom design somehow!
- put away patio furniture
me too! such as "make to do list"
Some extras we did get done:
- registered for Baby V! This was a big job! Hard to pick what might be best for baby! 
- moved big dirt pile from driveway to around the pool
- washed a heck of a lot of laundry, including all curtains! 
- bathed all animals and brushed them
- cleaned the house from top to bottom
- survived the flu first, then the flea outbreak (that makes it sound worse than it was). 
- flea sprayed the house

November To-Do List

- finish painting nursery
- pick nursery furniture color
- paint nursery furniture
- clean garage
- put up kitchen back splash - planning to hire this done as mentioned above, but hopefully this month! 
- finish kitchen hardware 
- buy fabric for baby quilt 
- start baby quilt 
- finish cleaning office 
- finish crocheting baby blanket 
- make plans for the bathroom Reno
- go through a few more back basement bins 

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Kae said...

way to go on the lists! I am an organizer! you will do awesome!


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